Adobe Buying Programs licensing upgrade fulfillment process

The following content applies to North America, Asia and Pacific regions, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Upgrade fulfillment process

Note: This process applies to Upgrade Plan customers who are eligible for a post-announce upgrade.

Adobe automatically places an order on behalf of qualifying customers for the new license. Adobe sends customers an upgrade fulfillment email that contains the license order number and a software media coupon. Serial numbers corresponding to these orders are available via the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS). The media coupon entitles licensing customers to a license upgrade, application DVD-ROM, and documentation if available.

The fulfillment process is the same for all Adobe products. Only dates and languages vary.

  1. Adobe announces a new product version.
  2. Within a few weeks of the new version shipping date, Adobe sends an upgrade fulfillment email to every eligible Upgrade Plan customer.
    1. The email contains an order number (which is necessary to obtain new serial numbers) and a software media coupon.
    2. Shipping dates vary by language. Adobe sends upgrade fulfillment emails as each language version ships.

Redeem upgrade licenses and media

Access new serial numbers

Within 24 hours of receiving the upgrade fulfillment email, log in to the  Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) with your Adobe ID and password. Then, do the following:

  1. On the menu on the left side of the LWS Welcome page, click Retrieve Serial Numbers.

  2. Choose your product from the Product Name pop-up menu. (Do not select any additional search criteria unless you need it.)
  3. Click Search. You are presented with a list of serial numbers. If the list is too long, you can refine your search with additional version or language information.

Claim a media coupon

To claim your media coupon on the LWS, do the following:

  1. See your notification email from Adobe Licensing to find your Media Coupon number.
  2. Log in to the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) with your Adobe ID and password.

  3. On the menu on the left side of the LWS Welcome page, click Redeem Upgrade Coupon.

  4. Enter your coupon number and click Next.
  5. Confirm your shipping address. If the shipping address is incorrect, enter the correct shipping information. Adobe cannot deliver to PO boxes or postal lock boxes.
  6. Verify that the products (including platform) are correct and click Submit Order.
  7. Note your confirmation number and keep it in a safe place. Your confirmation number is your order number, and it could be necessary later on.
  8. The DVD set will ship in three to five business days.

Coupon expiration

CLP and TLP customers have 180 days to claim their coupon and receive the media at no additional charge. FLP customers have 365 days. Coupon expiration information is provided in the upgrade fulfillment email. Coupons cannot be regenerated or reactivated.

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