Release Notes | Adobe Experience Manager Guides 3.6


Adobe Experience Manager Guides was formerly branded as XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. Please note certain references within the documentation may still refer to prior branding but are still applicable to the current offering.

Top new features and enhancements in 3.6.x release of XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager.

New features and enhancements in 3.6.7 release

  • Improved publishing time from SP1 by using a thread-local variable to cache DOM parsers.

  • Console errors while performing the Search and Replace in Firefox.

  • Enhanced the Object component to render an HTML <video> tag for all "video/*" MIME types and an <audio> tag for all "audio/*" mime types. 
    • Additionally, the Object component will try to use the MIME type of an asset from the asset metadata properties.
  • Switched to whitespace as a valid delimiter for multi-valued conditional attributes.
  • If a MAP was partially sent for the review, the Doc-state of all the topics of the MAP was changing to "Reviewed" on completion of the review task.

  • Not able to Edit/Delete conditions created with name having '.'

  • Fixed Empty text node getting created when skip is set to true for some elements in element-mapping file.

  • Fixed subproject name to use primary project name in case using any of the existing projects for translation.

  • In Column View, on the Assets UI page selection menu would show delete option only after page refresh.

  • Create Topic via Web Editor caused Folder profile exception.

  • Not able to open the file from the topics tab in map dashboard if filename had ' character. In publishing, special characters can be converted to '_'.

  • Fixed an issue where the image does not show up in published output when "Pick Automatically" option is set in the baseline.

  • Decoupled the sync translation copy process from HTTP hit to mitigate the proxy time out issue faced and also added notification support to intimate once the projects are ready for translation.

  • Optimized the sync translate copy to create up to 25% less server load during creating the copies.

  • Integrated FMPS2020 with XML Documentation solution. Known issues: 
    • EPub output generation is not working for now
    • Using DITAVAL without STS settings is not getting honored

  • Added ability to invoke the baseline upgrade scripts as a workflow with better logging.

  • Resolved issues with baseline load in case of existing invalid baselines or with baselines having non-ISO-8859-1 characters in their name.

  • Added a Bulk move functionality to move the content in bulk (~20,000 files at one go). This can be accessed from the XML Documentation tab from the AEM toolbox.

  • A config in config manager as 'Disallowed character set for publishing to AEM sites' is added to choose which characters should be converted to '_ ' in output.

  • In the xml web editor, When the user edits the map file, title tag was getting populated automatically for reltable.

  • Issue with last version display , If topic/ map version is 1.10 , this was coming as 1.1 on the editor.

  • Using Shift+Tab to unindent one sublist item caused any following peer items to disappear.

  • Format to be added while adding chaptermap.

  • Was being able to edit checked in files when "Disable Edit Without Checkout" is ON. Now checked in files will open in preview mode only if the setting is ON.

  • Updating the multimedia path in the properties pane did not refresh the thumbnail.

  • Search for elements in Insert element will be a like search now.

  • Track changes in web editor for formatting options like Bold, Italics etc. was not working properly.

  • Certified XML Documentation with the Java11 for AEM 6.5.

New features and enhancements in 3.6.6 release

  • Translation: Changed the default value of the "Component-based translation" flag to false. This will only impact new installs.

  • Files with a name pattern such as "GUID-*" caused exceptions in the file loading code causing failures on all features that tried to load a file with such a name. Fixed this by making sure that this pattern is initialized to an invalid value in non-uuid builds, so that it never matches an actual file.

  • Fixed the index entry /oak: index/effectiveSourcePath so that it doesn't overwrite the /oak:index/sourcePath node.

  • Fixed an issue with the DIRECTNONKEYEDREFS HTTP API that caused it to return an empty response.

  • Fixed an issue in Post Processing of DITA files that prevented extraction and caching of conrefs without an anchor tag.

  • Fixed a conflict issue that prevented Publish Listener from starting up whenever any hotfix/service pack that updates a DoX related bundle is deployed.

  • Added a control flag "Set ditamaps updated on topic updates" in (/system/console/configMgr/com.adobe.fmdita.config.ConfigManager) with a default value of "False (Unchecked)" to control updating the ditamap "contentLastModified" property every time a topic in the DITA map hierarchy is modified. Also added more logging to Post Processing.

  • Map Dashboard page can now be overlaid from the /apps folder.

  • Fixed an issue faced while exporting baselines of a map having references above the language folders.

  • With this fix, the published zip from any DITA map using html5 preset is an asset and is explorable in the asset view page.

  • While moving the folders, the screen shows a blank page on step 4 Closed - Updated the moveassetwizard.js file to reflect changes in this file due to AEM 6.5 service pack.

  • Fixed an issue where the link patching API was not called prior to fetching version binaries of DITA files such as in baseline publishing, version preview.

  • Changed queries to use dam:Asset instead of dam:AssetContent to leverage indexing support for the former.

  • Added additional checks to prevent queries being triggered on entire repository.

  • Fixed the issue when you don't provide DITAVAL file with STS settings, our API was not communicating the STS file to FMPS server. So it was always using the default STS in that case.

  • Fixed the issue where on DITA map report page, edit mode is not displaying STS file selected for html5 and EPub output types.

  • Fixed merged cells of table getting distorted when importing word document

New features and enhancements in 3.6 release

There are a number of new features and enhancements introduced in the following areas of the product. 

Web Editor

  • Access the Web Editor directly from the AEM's Navigation page. 
Access Web Editor from the Navigation page

  • Access the DITA map console directly from the context menu of a .ditamap file.
Access DITA map console from the Web Editor

  • Assign friendly names to DITA elements and attributes.
Element and attribute customization

  • Restrict the elements and attributes to a limited set.
  • Quickly access your most frequently used or work-in-progress files and folders by adding them to your favorites collection.  
Favorites collection panel

  • Directly search your files from the Repository View. You can also apply filters to restrict your search to a particular folder in the repository, DITA files, or image files only. 
Repository search

  • New Reusable Contents panel has been introduced to help you author quickly. You can easily add your most frequently used common content to this panel and add it in your document with a simple drag-and-drop. 
New Reusable Contents panel

  • Add your glossary terms to the root map and it appears in the Glossary panel from where you can easily insert it in your document. 
  • See the content updates made in your map or topic files by opening it in the Preview mode.
  • Merge content updates made by different authors or across different versions of your map or topic files. The merge feature gives you options to see changes using the track changes mode, wherein you have the option of accepting or rejecting changes. Or, you can revert to a particular version of the map or topic file directly.   
Merge changes in map or topic files

  • Use the spell checker inbuilt in your browser or AEM server.
  • As an administrator, you can create conditional presets directly from the Web Editor. The new Conditions panel gives admins an easy and quick access to configure the foreground and background colors for conditions. 
  • Authors can easily apply conditions in their topics by simply dragging and dropping conditions on the content. 
  • As an administrator, you can define snippets. These snippets are shown in the Snippets panel from where authors can use them in their content. 
  • Use the global search and replace feature to find and replace content in a particular folder in your repository or search the entire repository.    
  • As an administrator, you can now create topic and map templates directly from the Web Editor. Use the Templates panel to create and store new templates. 
  • Use the UI theme to Dark or Light to suite your work environment. 
Web Editor theme color Dark or Light

  • Insert the <mathml> element to launch the MathML equation pod. The intuitive interface of the MathML equations pod allows you to easily create complex mathematical or chemical equations and insert them in your document.  
Insert MathML equations

  • Insert images directly from your local system by dragging and dropping an image from your file explorer to your topic. You can also specify the location where the file is uploaded. 

Enhanced features in the Web Editor

  • The following improvements have been made in working with tables:
    • Use the up and down arrow keys to move between rows.
    • Pasting data using Crtl+v in the last column of a table will not move to the next row.
    • Applying valign alignment to any table entry is immediately visible.
    • Deleting an element from a table cell by placing the cursor on the table cell works seamlessly.
    • Select <xref> element when placed inside merged cells.
    • Merged cells render properly when used in combination with insert rows/columns.
    • Create a line within the same cell by pressing the Enter key in a cell with text.

The following enhancements are now available while working in a list:

  • You can configure to add a new list item <li> along with a <p> element.
  • Use the Tab key within a list to create a sublist. Similarly, Shift+Tab shifts the list item one left up.
  • Nested paragraph element within a list is indented properly. 
  • Removing inline elements like <i>, <b> is recorded and made available in track changes.     

The following improvements are now available in track changes:

  • Adding and removing formatting changes are tracked properly and are not shown as text insertion.
  • Keyboard tab entry is tracked by the undo and redo operations.
  • Tracking new paragraph insert made the existing paragraph as inserted.

Some more enhancements in the Web Editor are listed below:

  • Ability to start the review task directly from the Web Editor.
  • Tab key is now considered in undo/redo operation for a list and table.
  • Better navigability through improved navigation icons in the Repository, Map, and Favorites panel views.
  • The prompt message when the user is creating a version of the document is now improved.
  • Option to check out a map from the Map panel is added and a different icon is added for Cancel Checkout.
  • The user name is now shown on a checked-out topic's file tab's tooltip on mouse hover.
  • Generate ID works on multiple selected elements.
  • While adding an image as <xref>, the user will be able to preview the image.
  • If a map has keydefs only, then even without the check-out user will be able to preview the map.
  • When an SVG is created using a keyref, the image is shown in the Web Editor in Author and Preview modes.
  • Administrators can configure the Web Editor's user interface by using the ui_config.json file, defining global-level CSS templates, setting root map, and more within the folder profiles.
  • Navigation title for the <topichead > with <conref> is shown correctly on the map panel.
  • You can now view markdown (.md) files in the Repository view. 
  • Equations in a Word document are inserted properly in the Web Editor.
  • By default, a map file is opened for editing in the Basic Map Editor. You can configure it to always open in the Advanced Map Editor.

Output generation

  • Cancel an output generation task that is in active state (the generation is not complete yet).
  • A new Publish Dashboard is now available for administrators to view the status of all active publish jobs in the system. 
Publish Dashboard

  • Support added for LwDITA publishing.
  • Duplicate site node generation for the conref pages is now fixed.


  • Ability to add attachments to a review comment and download the attachments. 
Add attachments to review comments

  • Issues on importing review comments when the review is opened in multiple tabs is fixed. 
  • Review data is moved outside the workflow nodes.

Bug fixes and other enhancements

  • Improvements in the Baseline tab performance.
  • Document Status is now shown on maps and topics.
  • Performance improvements on loading Map dashboard.
  • Disable setting root maps while creating a DITA Project and editing project.
  • You no longer have to clear the cache for installing the newer version of XML Documentation solution.
  • Issues fixed on regenerating individual topics in a map.
  • Issue of missing spaces between two consecutive conrefs is solved.
  • The following APIs have been introduced and upgraded:
    • Introduced API for creating baselines using labels.
    • Create baseline API now handles automatic version creation. 
    • Updated the snippet configuration API.
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