Breeze will not start when Company Name in License Key contains special characters during an install


During the installation of the Breeze server, you must enter the Company Name assigned to your License Key. If the Company Name contains special characters, then the Breeze server will not start. Under this condition, you will see the error below in your Breeze server log file, located at C:\breeze\logs\breeze.log:

06-01 13:38:58] main (d) -------------------------------------------------------------

[06-01 13:38:58] main (d) Macromedia Breeze Platform [breeze_402_r191]

[06-01 13:38:58] main (d) Copyright (c)2001-2004 Macromedia, Inc. All rights reserved.

[06-01 13:38:58] main (d) -------------------------------------------------------------

[06-01 13:38:58] main (d) Configuration successful.

[06-01 13:38:58] main (d) Starting user interface...

[06-01 13:39:03] main (d) 363 features loaded.

[06-01 13:39:03] main (d) Starting JRun...

[06-01 13:39:03] main (x) Starting Macromedia JRun 4 (Build 61650), breeze server

[06-01 13:39:05] main (x) JRun Naming Service listening on *:2909

[06-01 13:39:05] sr-1 (x) Deploying web application "file:/C:/breeze/appserv/conf/" from: file:/C:/breeze/appserv/conf/

[06-01 13:39:05] main (x) Server breeze ready (startup time: 2 seconds)

[06-01 13:39:05] main (d) Starting database...

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) Exception occurred in startup.

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) java.lang.Exception

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) at com.macromedia.breeze.account.EnterpriseManager.getPackage(

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) at com.macromedia.breeze.account.EnterpriseManager.startup(

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) at com.macromedia.airspeed.ActionDispatcher.doStartup(

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) at com.macromedia.airspeed.main.Main.initialize(

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e) at com.macromedia.airspeed.main.Main.main(

[06-01 13:39:05] main (e)

[06-01 13:39:05] Td-0 (x) jrun:service/breeze/JRunServer-Domain unbound

[06-01 13:39:05] Td-0 (x) The JNDI server was halted


There are special characters in the Company Name of the License Key. The following example is a name containing a special character:



A new key will need to be issued. Please contact Product Support for assistance.

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