Learn about the latest offerings in Adobe Connect. This article summarizes the new features and enhancements.

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing solution for web meetings, e-learning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing across desktops and mobile devices, improving collaboration, and boosting productivity. The latest release of Adobe Connect provides a new desktop application, a vastly improved pre-meeting connection test, and bug fixes across different areas of the product. Below is a summary of the new features.

What's New in Adobe Connect 9.7

Adobe Connect Application for Desktop

Adobe Connect 9.7 offer an application for desktop that is available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh users. Now you can easily join, and manage meetings from your desktop. The Adobe Connect application is a stand-alone application that replaces the current Adobe Connect Add-in. With the new Adobe Connect application, users do not need Adobe Flash Player installed or enabled in browsers to join or conduct meetings.

The new standalone application is available to all users. Also, the users who have Adobe Flash fully enabled in their browser, can continue to attend the sessions in the browsers.

With the Adobe Connect application, users can bookmark frequently visited rooms and view a history of recent meetings, making joining Adobe Connect sessions more seamless than ever. For more information, see Adobe Connect application for desktop.

Adobe Connect desktop application for Windows

Enhanced Diagnostics and Pre-meeting Tests

Users can now run pre-meeting diagnostic tests to check if their system meets the requirements necessary to attend an Adobe Connect session without using Flash in their browsers. The test prompts the users without Flash to install the new application in advance.

For users using Adobe Connect’s built-in Voice over IP (VoIP) features, the new test page has an option to pre-configure and test microphones and speakers before they join a meeting. For more information, see Adobe Connect diagnostic test.

Adobe Connect pre-meeting diagnostic test page

Adobe Connect Central Home Page in HTML5

The Adobe Connect Central home page has been redesigned using HTML5. Users can seamlessly find and manage meetings, recordings, and training catalogs without the Adobe Flash Player enabled. Users can now find recordings created by them, or recordings shared with them, directly from the home page. For more information, see Adobe Connect Central home page.


MSI Installer for the Adobe Connect Application

Adobe Connect 9.7 includes a new MSI installer for the Adobe Connect application for desktop. Administrators can manage the enterprise-wide distribution and deployment of the Adobe Connect application using SCCM.

The MSI installer for IT administrators can be downloaded from: http://www.adobe.com/go/Connectmsi. For more information, see Install Adobe Connect application for desktop.

What's New in Adobe Connect 9.6

What's new and changed?

Breakout room enhancements

The Presenter Only Area remains open when starting a Breakout session. This allows the Hosts to retain the pods available in the POA during the Breakout session. When the attendees are in breakout rooms, the Hosts can continue to work with the pods they opened in POA. See Create and manage breakout rooms for more information.

Engagement Dashboard in Meetings

Hosts and Presenters can use the Engagement Dashboard to view participants’ attention and interactivity levels in a session. Now the Dashboard is available for Meetings without the need for Events or Training modules. See the article View meeting reports for more information.

Install the latest Help

An archive of the how-to help articles is now hosted at www.adobe.com/go/AdobeConnect_Offline_Help for on-premise customers. Administrators can download and update the local help files so their users get the latest help content.

Java 8 support

Adobe Connect 9.6 now supports Java 8 to continue to provide a secure experience to its customers. Java 7 is no longer supported and further security patches will not be available.

What's New in Adobe Connect 9.5

What's new and changed?

Adobe Connect 9.5 comes out with a new, refreshing logo that replaces the existing logo. It is the first thing you notice when logging in to Adobe Connect.

New logo of Adobe Connect
New logo of Adobe Connect

Meeting-related enhancements

Offline recordings in MP4 format

Adobe Connect 9.5 onwards, the conversion to MP4 format happens directly on the user's machine and there is no server-side queuing. You can control the quality and the size of the final output file using the available settings.

Options to convert a recording to offline MP4 format.
Options to convert a recording to offline MP4 format.

The actual resolution of the output MP4 file depends on the screen size and the supported resolution of the machine used to create the offline recording.

See Record and playback Adobe Connect meetings for more information.

Smarter Video pod

The Filmstrip mode is enhanced to ensure a better webcam video experience inside Adobe Connect. Filmstrip mode is especially useful when many users share their feed and the active speaker is in the focus. Adobe Connect 9.5 onwards, the Video Pod better recognizes the visible feeds and automatically pauses the feeds not visible to a user. This change translates in to lesser bandwidth and processing power requirements improving the overall quality of the meeting experience. When the user shuffles the feeds and brings in view the previously hidden and paused streams, Adobe Connect 9.5 automatically starts playing the now visible feeds.

New meeting connection status icon

The meeting connection status icon, found in the upper-right corner of a meeting room is redesigned () to indicate the quality of the available network connection. It depicts the meeting room connectivity status.

See Adobe Connect meeting room basics for more information.

Virtual Classroom-related enhancements

Support for Adobe’s HTML5 content

Virtual Classroom users can now share the HTML content created using Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter as long as they use the add-in. The user experience to share content remains at par with other content types in the Share Pod, as this content type supports syncing, quizzes, and recording, and the supported reporting capabilities.

A few requirements to use this functionality are:

  • Adobe Connect 9.5 supports the HTML content published via Adobe Captivate 9 or later and Adobe Presenter 11 or later.
  • The HTML content is supported only in Virtual Classrooms.
  • The Presenter sharing HTML content in a VC and the attendees consuming HTML content in a VC must install the Adobe Connect add-in only once.

To use HTML content in a VC, all attendees are required to upgrade to the latest add-in. Adobe Connect prompts users to download the add-in when HTML content is shared.

Notifier to Hosts and Presenters when sharing HTML content in a VC
Notifier to Hosts and Presenters when sharing HTML content in a VC


To avoid a prompt in the middle of a VC session, pre-install the new add-in.

The Adobe Connect notifier prompts the Host or the Presenter sharing HTML content, to check if all users in the classroom are ready to view the shared HTML content. Users who cannot view the shared HTML content are marked in the Attendee Pod with  icon against their name. The components required to display the shared HTML content automatically downloads. Participants are able to view the shared HTML content in some time. The automatic download of the required components is a one-time activity that happens without any intervention required by the user. Similarly, Adobe Connect automatically downloads the required components when a user attempts to view, for the first time, a VC recording with HTML content shared in it.

The Virtual Classroom email notification now includes instructions and the add-in download link for attendees to prepare for the session in advance. You can modify these email notifications and the instructions as required.

See About Adobe Connect courses and curricula for training for more information.

Reporting-related enhancements

Adobe Connect 9.5 offers two new reports that allow Administrators to understand the usage of their Adobe Connect accounts. These reports are part of the System Usage reports in the Reports tab. You can download either report in CSV format for further analysis.

The Meeting Sessions Usage report provides a summary of Meeting, Seminar, or Virtual Classroom sessions that happened over a user-defined period and provides start and end time, duration, session type, total and peak participants, and so on.

The Meeting Usage report provides a summary of meeting activity over a period. For each date, it provides Peak Concurrent Meeting users and Total User Minutes.

See Generate usage reports in Adobe Connect Central for more information.

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