Prepare to upgrade Adobe MediaServer

Workflow for upgrading

  1. Back up existing data. See Back up data.

  2. Remove the existing version of the server. See Uninstalling the server.

  3. Install the server. See Installing the server.

Back up data

  1. Before you upgrade to Adobe Media Server, save copies of the following folders to another computer or to external media:

    • applications/

    • conf/

    • licenses/

    • modules/

    • webroot/

    • Apache2.4/conf

  2. After installing the server, do the following:

    • Modify the new configuration files to match the settings from your old files that you want to keep. For example, host port settings, application and streams virtual folder settings, and so on. Restart the server.

      Note: Do not copy configuration files from previous versions of the server. Manually edit the new configuration files to match your old settings.

    • Copying license files to Adobe Media Server is not required (there aren’t any upgrade paths for license files).

    • To reuse C++ plug-ins (also called adaptors), recompile them. See Developing plug-ins.

    • Copy any applications you want to deploy to the rootinstall/applications folder. (If you changed the default application folder, copy the applications to the correct folder.)

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