Learn how to create a responsive project
Responsive project


What you learned: How to create your first eLearning project in Captivate

You learned to create a new Responsive Project in Captivate that will work seamlessly on any device.

You applied a responsive theme to the project and add fluid boxes that reflow content based on the device size.

You learned to add responsive slides from the Property Inspector to the project and use the slider to see how these slides view on different devices.

You also learned to add a blank slide (if the responsive slides don't work for you) and add fluid boxes to these slides to ensure reflowable content.

You also added child fluid boxes that give you more power over the layout of your content.

You add quiz questions that come bundled with fluid boxes.

You also created software simulation and used the blue area to decide the content you want to show on the minimum screen size.

You also learned that rollover events are, quite obviously, not allowed in responsive projects.

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