Learn how to create a software simulation project
Software Simulation project


What you learned: How to create your first software simluation project in Captivate

You learned to create a new Simulation Project in the Show me (Demo), Try it (Training) and Test me (Assessment) modes.

You also used the Recording Preferences dialog to choose the the screen area or application to record. You also learned how to choose to use your microphone or system to record audio.

After creating the simulation project (or multiple simulation projects) you learned to edit these projects. You edited the click boxes in the Training mode project.

You also edited text captions and used the Property Inspector to change the properties of the text in single text box. Or you saved the updated styles to reflect the changes across all text boxes in the project.

You learned to publish the project in either SWF or HTML5 format to your computer. After which you can post the output to an LMS of your choice.

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