How to create a Captivate package for Named User deployment?


Adobe Captivate is available in the Admin Console for Named User deployment. Customers with an older ETLA contract have to agree on an amendment with Adobe Sales and contact their Adobe sales representative. After signing the amendment or agreeing to a new ETLA with Captivate 2017, licenses get displayed in the Admin Console.

Currently, it is only possible to build a serialized package of Captivate using the Creative Cloud Packager.  You can build a named User Captivate package using the Admin Console Packages tab.


  1. Log in to the Admin Console.

    Use System Admin rights or Deployment Admin rights based on your role. For more information regarding Admin rights, refer to the Administrative roles document.

  2. Navigate to the Packages tab.

  3. Go to Adobe Templates and search for Captivate.
    It displays both the WIN and the MAC packages.

  4. Click Captivate and choose to customize your package or download the package with the default settings.


Additional information

For instructions for packaging a serialized deployment of Captivate, refer to Adobe Captivate (2017 release) Silent Deployment.

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