Gets the value of an attribute of a bindable ColdFusion control.

Function syntax

ColdFusion.getElementValue(elementId [, formId, attributeName])


ColdFusion 8: Added this function





The ID or name attribute of the control.


The ID attribute of the form that contains the control. Omit this attribute if the element ID is unique on the page. If you omit this attribute and the element ID is not unique, the function uses the first element on the page with the specified ID.


The control attribute to get; by default, the value attribute, or, for cfselect, the value of the selected element in the control. For cfgrid controls, use this attribute and specify the name of the column whose value you are getting; the function returns the entry in the currently selected row.For cftree controls, use this attribute and specify PATH or NODE. The function returns the item path or node value of the currently selected tree item.


The value of the specified attribute.


You can bind to, and get the attribute values of, the following HTML controls:

  • cfgrid
  • cfinput controls with checkbox, datefield, file, hidden, radio, or text types
  • cfselect
  • cftextarea
  • cftree

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