Displays a debug-level message in the log window that shows a cfdump-like representation of a complex JavaScript object. The log window does not have a separate dump level.

Function syntax

ColdFusion.Log.dump(object [, category])

See also

ColdFusion.Log.debugColdFusion.Log.errorColdFusion.Log.infoLogging information in Debugging Ajax applications the Developing ColdFusion Applications


ColdFusion 8: Added this function





The variable whose contents you want to display. You cannot specify additional contents, such as a text message, when you dump a complex object. To provide additional information, also use the ColdFusion.Log.debug function.


A category identifier that you can use in the logging window to filter the output. You can specify any arbitrary category in this function. The default value is global.


This function does not return a value.


If the page that calls this function does not have any ColdFusion AJAX-based controls, you use a cfajaximport tag on the page to ensure that the page includes the JavaScript definition for this function.The log window appears if you specify a URL parameter of the format cfdebug or cfdebug="true" in your page request and you select the Enable Ajax Debug Log Window option on the ColdFusion Administrator Debugging & Logging > Debug Output Settings page.


ColdFusion.Log.dump(objArg, "Pod A");


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