Mathematical functions

Function Description
Abs Returns the absolute value of a number.
ACos Returns the arccosine, in radians, of a number.
ArrayAvg Returns the average of the elements in an array.
ArraySum Returns the sum of all elements in an array.
ASin Determines the arcsine of a number.
Atn Returns the arctangent, in radians, of a number.
BitAnd Performs a bitwise logical AND operation.
BitMaskClear Performs a bitwise mask clear operation.
BitMaskRead Performs a bitwise mask read operation.
BitMaskSet Performs a bitwise mask set operation.
BitNot Performs a bitwise logical NOT operation.
BitOr Performs a bitwise logical OR operation.
BitSHLN Performs a bitwise shift-left, no-rotation operation.
BitSHRN Performs a bitwise shift-right, no-rotation operation.
BitXor Performs a bitwise logical XOR operation.
Ceiling Determines the closest integer that is greater than a specified number.
Cos Calculates the cosine of an angle that is entered in radians.
DecrementValue Decrements the integer part of a number.
Exp Calculates the exponent whose base is e that represents number.
Fix Converts a real number to an integer.
Floor Returns the largest integer less than or equal to a specified number.
FormatBaseN Converts number to a string, in the base specified by a radix. 
IncrementValue Adds one to an integer.
InputBaseN Converts string, using the base specified by radix, to an integer. 
Int Calculates the closest integer that is smaller than number.
Log Calculates the natural logarithm of a number.
Log10 Calculates the logarithm of a number, to base 10.
Max Determines the greater of two numbers.
Min Determines the lesser of two numbers.
Pi Gets the mathematical constant pi, accurate to 15 digits.
PrecisionEvaluate Evaluates one or more string expressions.
Rand Generates a pseudo-random number in the range 0 - 1.
Randomize Seeds the pseudo-random number generator with an integer number, ensuring repeatable number patterns.
RandRange Generates a random integer between two specified numbers.
Round Rounds a number to the closest integer.
Sgn Determines the sign of a number.
Sin Calculates the sine of an angle that is entered in radians.
Sqr Calculates the square root of a number.
Tan Calculates the tangent of an angle that is entered in radians.
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