Query functions

Function Description
GetMetaData Gets metadata (such as the methods, properties, and parameters of a component) associated with an object that is deployed on the ColdFusion server.
IsQuery Determines whether a value is a query.
QueryAddColumn Adds a column to a query and populates its rows with the
contents of a one-dimensional array. 
QueryAddRow Adds a specified number of empty rows to a query.
QueryConvertForGrid Converts query data to a structure that contains a paged subset of the query.
QueryDeleteColumn Removes a column from a query object.
QueryDeleteRow Removes a row from a query object.
QueryEach Calls each row of the query provided.
QueryExecute Executes a SQL query and returns the result.
QueryFilter Calls the provided function for each row of the provided query and removes the row from the query if the function returns false.
QueryGetRow Returns a struct having all the columns as keys and their corresponding values.
QueryGetResult Returns the metadata of a query.
QueryKeyExists Checks the query for a column with the same name as the key provided.
QueryMap Iterates over each row of a query and calls the closure function to work on row of the query. 
QueryNew Creates a query object.
QueryReduce Iterates over each row of a query and calls the closure function to work on the row of the query. 
QuerySetCell Sets a cell to a value. If no row number is specified, the cell on the last row is set.
QuerySort Sorts a query where the sorting algorithm is passed at runtime in the form of closure.
QuotedValueList Gets the values of each record returned from an executed query.
ValueArray Converts the values of a column into an array.
ValueList Inserts a delimiter between each value in an executed query.


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