Getting  the image from the album

Using the getPictureFromAlbum function, you can get the image stored in the album.

Method summary

getPictureFromAlbum(Options, [base64])

  • returns – Returns the  file URI or a base-64 encoded string
  • params
    •  Options – Object
    • base64 – A Boolean flag to indicate that the returned object should be a base-64 encoded string. The default value is false. When it is false, it will return the file URI.


Note: If you pass true as a parameter indicating that the returned object should be a Base-64 encoded string, its content has to be prefixed with  “data:image/jpeg;base64,” before rendering it.


The following example shows how you can get an image from the local file system using the getPictureFromAlbum function:

<cfclientsettings enableDeviceAPI=true>
<cffunction access="public" name="getPicAlbm" returntype="void" >
<cfset opt =>
<cfset response =,true)>

<cfset response ='data:image/jpeg;base64,'+ response>
<cfset src_to_img("myimg", response)>


<button style="width:100;height:50" onclick="invokeCFClientFunction('getPicAlbm',null)">Get a picture

<img style = "width:200; height:100;" id = "myimg"></img>

<script type="text/javascript">
function src_to_img(img_id,data_to_write)


See Using the Camera APIs

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