What are CFX tags?

ColdFusion Extension (CFX) tags are custom tags written against the ColdFusion Extension Application Programming Interface. Generally, you create a CFX tag if you want to do something that is not possible in CFML, or if you want to improve the performance of a repetitive task.
One common use of CFX tags is to incorporate existing application functionality into a ColdFusion application. That means if you already have the code available, CFX tags make it easy to use it in your application. 
CFX tags can do the following:

  • Handle any number of custom attributes.
  • Use and manipulate ColdFusion queries for custom formatting.
  • Generate ColdFusion queries for interfacing with non-ODBC based information sources.
  • Dynamically generate HTML to return to the client.
  • Set variables within the ColdFusion application page from which they are called.
  • Throw exceptions that result in standard ColdFusion error messages.
    You can build CFX tags using C++ or Java.

ColdFusion provides several different techniques to create reusable code, including custom tags. For information on all of these techniques, see Creating ColdFusion Elements.

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