Example 1

The following is a basic example of using client side charting.

<cfchart format ="html" type="pie">
<cfchartdata item="New car sales" value="50000">
<cfchartdata item="Used car sales" value="25000">
<cfchartdata item="Leasing" value="30000">
<cfchartdata item="Service" value="40000">

Example 2

This example showcases how you can create a simple bubble chart by specifying zcolumn.

<cfchart format ="html" type="bubble" query="ChartQuery" showlegend="false">
<cfchartseries query="ProdQuery" type="bubble" itemcolumn="title" valuecolumn="total_days" zcolumn="rem_days" label="Total_Days">

Example 3

This is an example that specifies labels as a struct.

<cfchart format ="html" type="bubble" query = " ChartQuery " showlegend="false" labels=#[{"text"="Hello Label","hook":"node:plot=0,index=2,offset-x=-10,offset-y=-90"}]#>
<cfchartseries type="bubble" label="Total_Days">
<cfchartdata item=1 value=10 zvalue=40>
<cfchartdata item=2 value=20 zvalue=30>
<cfchartdata item=3 value=30 zvalue=20>
<cfchartdata item=4 value=20 zvalue=35>
<cfchartdata item=5 value=40 zvalue=10>

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