To use any ColdFusion service class in an application built with Flex/AIR, do the following:

  1. Include the cfservices.swc file, located at /CFIDE/scripts/AIR/cfservices.swc, in your application
  2. In Flash Builder, add the cfservices.swc file to your project by right-clicking Flex/AIR Project > Properties >Flex BuildPath >Library Path >Add SWC.
    For details on all ColdFusion service classes, and other classes in the coldfusion.air package, see [ ActionScript 3.0 Reference]. Alternatively, you can see the standalone Adobe ColdFusion ActionScript Language Reference, which is accessible through the Documentation link on the Resources page of the ColdFusion Administrator.
    For information about attributes for specific services, such as Mail or Pop, see the attributes of corresponding ColdFusion tags and functions.

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