You can compile and run your application from Flash Builder or without using Flash Builder. The techniques you can use also depend on whether you have installed LiveCycle Data Services.

Compile and run the application using Flash Builder

To compile and run an application using Flash Builder, make sure that Flash Builder is configured as described in Configure Flex Compilation. Compile your application normally to create a SWF file. When you configure your Flash Builder project you can specify the location in which to place it. By default, Flash Builder attempts to place the SWF file and an HTML wrapper page under the web root. You can then run the application as appropriate, for example, by requesting the HTML wrapper for the SWF file in a browser.

Compile and Run the application without Flash Builder

To compile the application directly using the SDK, set the Flex compiler to use the ColdFusion services-config.xml file. Set the Flex compiler by adding to the mxml command line " -services=" followed by the absolute path to the services-config.xml file in the local ColdFusion installation. For example, on a Windows system with a default ColdFusion standalone installation, specify the following argument string.


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