2. In the MXML file, you use the <mx:RemoteObject> tag to connect to your CFC named resource. With this connection, you can call any remote method on the CFC.
  3. If you created a destination for the CFC in the remoting-config.xml file, specify the destination name in the mx:RemoteObjecttag; for example:


    If you did not create a destination for the CFC, specify the ColdFusion destination and the CFC path in the mx:RemoteObbjecttag; for example:


  4. Call a CFC method, for example, as the following example shows:

    <mx:Button label="reload" click="my_CFC.getUsers()"/>

    In this example, when a user presses a button, the Click event calls the CFC method getUsers.

  5. Specify a handler for the returned result of the CFC method call for the <mx:RemoteObject>tag, as the following example shows.

    // Show alert with the value that is returned from the CFC.

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