Special characters

The double-quotation marks ("), single-quotation mark ('), and number sign (#) characters have special meaning to ColdFusion. To include any of them in a string, double the character; for example, use ## to represent a single # character. 
The need to escape the single- and double-quotation marks is context sensitive. Inside a double-quoted string, you do not need to escape single-quotation mark (apostrophe) characters. Inside a single-quoted string, you do not escape double-quotation mark characters.
The following example illustrates escaping special characters, including the use of mixed single- and double-quotation marks:

<cfset mystring = "We all said ""Happy birthday to you."""> 
<cfset mystring2 = 'Then we said "How old are you now?"'> 
Here is a number sign: ## 

The output looks as follows:

We all said "Happy birthday to you." 
Then we said "How old are you now?" 
Here is a number sign: #
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