To deploy an event gateway, you deploy and event gateway type and configure one or more event gateway instances.

Deploy an event gateway type in ColdFusion

  1. Compile your Gateway class and place it in a JAR file along with any other required classes.

    Note: The ColdFusion_ class loader includes the gateway \lib directory on its classpath and includes any JAR files that are in that directory on the class path._


  1. Place the JAR file in the cf_root_WEB-INF\cfusion\gateway\lib directory on J2EE configurations or the _cf_root\gateway\lib directory on server configurations. This directory is on the ColdFusion classpath.
  2. Ensure that ColdFusion event gateway services are enabled on the ColdFusion Administrator Data & Services > Event Gateway > Settings page.
  3. On the ColdFusion Administrator Data & Services > Event Gateways page, click the Manage Gateway Types button to display the Gateway Types page.
  4. On the Add/Edit ColdFusion Event Gateway Types form, enter a type name (for example, SMS for the SMS event gateway), a description, and the full Java class name (for example, coldfusion.eventgateway.sms.SMSGateway for the SMS event gateway). If appropriate, change the Startup Timeout settings from the default values.
  5. Click the Add Type button to deploy the event gateway type in ColdFusion.
    The following procedure describes how to configure an event gateway instance that uses the gateway type.

Configure an event gateway instance

  1. If you have finished deploying the event gateway type, click the Manage Gateway Instances button; otherwise, select Event Gateways > Gateway Instances in the ColdFusion Administrator.
  2. On the Add/Edit ColdFusion Event Gateways Instances form, do the following:
    • Enter the instance name in the Gateway ID field
    • Select the event gateway type that you added from the Gateway Type menu
    • Specify the paths to the listener CFC or CFCs that handle the messages.
    • If the event gateway requires a configuration file, enter the path to the file in Gateway Configuration File field.
    • If you do not want the gateway to start up automatically when ColdFusion starts, change the Startup Mode selection to Manual or Disabled
  3. Click the Add Gateway Instance button.
  4. In the list of configured instances, click the start button (green triangle) on the entry for the gateway instance to start the instance.

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