Before you develop or deploy an event gateway application, use the ColdFusion Administrator to configure an event gateway instance that handles the event messages. You specify the following information:

  • An event gateway ID to identify the specific event gateway instance. You use this value in the CFML GetGatewayHelper and SendGatewayMessage functions.
  • The event gateway type, which you select from the available event gateway types, such as SMS or Socket.
  • The absolute path to the listener CFC or CFCs that handles incoming messages. If you have multiple listener CFCs, enter the paths separated by commas. Specify absolute file paths, even if you place the CFCs in the ColdFusion gateway\cfc directory.
  • A configuration file, if necessary for this event gateway type or instance.
  • The event gateway start-up status; one of the following:
  • Automatic Start the event gateway when ColdFusion starts.
  • Manual Do not start the event gateway with ColdFusion, but allow starting it from the ColdFusion Administrator Event Gateways list.
  • Disabled Do not allow the event gateway to start.

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