The Remote Development Services (RDS) CRUD Wizard lets you dynamically create a ColdFusion component (CFC) based on a table that is registered in the ColdFusion Administrator on a ColdFusion server. To use the RDS CRUD wizard, you must have the Eclipse RDS Support plug-in installed. (The Eclipse RDS Support plug-in is installed when you install the ColdFusion wizards.)
The RDS CRUD Wizard lets you create the following types of CFCs:

  • ActiveRecord style CRUD CFC, which includes all of the properties, get and set methods, and SQL methods in one CFC. The CFC includes the following methods:init() or init(primary key value)load(primary key value)save()delete()
  • Bean/DAO style CRUD CFCs, which creates two related CFCs:
    • A Bean CFC, also called a Value Object, which contains the property definitions and get and set methods.
    • The DAO CFC, which contains the following methods:read(primary key value)create(cfc instance)update(cfc instance)delete(cfc instance)
  • Data Service assembler CFC, which includes a Bean (also referred to as a Value Object), a DAO CFC, and an assembler CFC. The assembler CFC is required to take advantage of the Flex Data Services feature

Use the RDS CRUD wizard

  1. In Flash Builder or Eclipse, go to the RDS Dataview by doing the following:
    1. Select Window > Show View > Other.
    2. Select RDS.
    3. Select RDS Dataview.
  2. Right click a table name.
  3. Select ColdFusion Wizards > Create CFC.
  4. Enter the project folder where you want to save the CFC in the CFC Folder text box.
  5. Enter the CFC package in the CFC Package Name text box.
  6. (Optional) Select the Primary Key column if a primary key is not defined in the database.
  7. (Optional) To specify the primary key column in addition to the other values specified in the CFC, select the Primary Key is Controlled by the User option. If the primary key is automatically generated by the database (the identity field), do not select this option.
  8. To replace existing files, select the Overwrite Files If They Already Exist option.
  9. Select one of the following CFC Types:
    • Active Record CFC
    • Bean CFC & DAO CFC
    • Flex Data Service Assembler CFCs
  10. Enter the names of the CFCs in the appropriate text boxes.
  11. To create an ActionScript Value Object:
    1. Select the Create an ActionScript Value Object in Addition to the CFCs option.
    2. Enter the location for the ActionScript Value Object in the AS Folder text box, or click Browse to browse to the location.
    3. To create get and set methods in the ActionScript Class file, select Generate Get/Set Methods.
  12. Click Finish.

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