Using ColdFusion Administrator you can set the access permissions for a user or create multiple users with access to different subsets of the available service. For example, you can allow an internal application access to all services, but limit the access of another application to image and charting services.
To enable service access:

  1. On the Administrator Services > IP Addresses page specify the URL addresses that can access the services. You can specify individual addresses, address ranges of the form 10-30, or * wild cards. You can specify IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. For example, you can use the following address patterns:10...10.30-50.20-3010:10:10:10:10:10:10-FF:*
  2. On the Administrator Service > User Manager page, specify the users that can access the services. You must specify the user name and password. Also specify the allowed services in the Exposed Services section of the page.

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