ColdFusion lets you create dynamic slide presentations from source files and from CFML and HTML code on a ColdFusion page. You can use data extracted from a database to populate the slide content, including graphs and charts. Also, you can add images, audio tracks, and video clips to each slide in the presentation. ColdFusion provides three tags for creating slide presentations:




Defines the look of the presentation and determines whether the presentation is saved to files or run directly in the client browser.


Defines the content of the slide from one of the following:

  • A SWF file
  • An HTML file
  • A URL that returns HTML content
  • HTML and CFML code in the cfpresentationslide start and end tags


Provides information about the person presenting a slide. You can assign a presenter to one or more slides. Presenter information is displayed in the control panel for the duration of the slide.

You specify at least one slide for the presentation and can assign each presenter to one or more slides. The following example shows a slide presentation with content from four different sources and two presenters:

<cfpresenter name="Tuckerman" title="V.P. of Marketing"
<cfpresenter name="Anne" title="V.P. of Sales" email="">
<cfpresentationslide src="slide1.swf" title="Overview" duration="10"
<cfpresentationslide src="slide2.htm" title="Q1 Sales" duration="30"
<cfpresentationslide src=""
title="Market Trends" duration="30" presenter="Tuckerman"/>
<cfpresentationslide title="Summary" duration="10">
<li>Projected Sales</li>
<li>Challenges Ahead</li>
<li>Long Term Goals</li>


Note: The cfpresentationslide tag requires an end tag. If you specify a source file as the slide content, use the end slash as a shortcut for the end tag.

When the presentation runs, the slides appear in the order they are listed on the ColdFusion page for the duration specified in each slide. The presenter information is displayed in a control panel next to the slide to which it is assigned.

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