Optionally, you can add one or more presenters under the cfpresentation tag. ColdFusion displays the presenter information in the control panel for the current slide to which it is assigned. A slide does not require a presenter.
Use the cfpresenter tag to specify personal information. This information can include a title, an e-mail address, a logo and an image of the person, as the following code shows:

<cfpresentation title="Sales Presentation">
<cfpresenter name="Anne" title="V.P. of Sales" biography="Anne Taylor has been a top seller at Widgets R Us for five years." logo="images/logo.jpg" image="images/ataylor_empPhoto.jpg" email="ataylor@widgetsrus.com">

The name attribute is required. You use this value to assign the presenter to one or more slides. To assign a presenter to a slide, use the cfpresenter tag name attribute value as the cfpresentationslide tag presenter attribute. The following example creates a presenter named Tuckerman and assigns him to a slide called Overview:

<cfpresentation title="Sales Presentation">
<cfpresenter name="Tuckerman" title="V.P. of Marketing">
<cfpresentationslide title="Overview" src="overview.swf" presenter="Tuckerman" duration="10"/>


Note: Assign presenters explicitly to slides. To assign a presenter to more than one slide, use the presenter name in each of the cfpresentationslide tags.

When you assign a presenter to a slide, the presenter information is displayed in the control panel for the duration of the slide. Images must be in JPEG format and the files must be located in a path relative to the ColdFusion page. ColdFusion maps the email attribute value to the contact link in the control panel. This link opens an e-mail message in the local e-mail application when you click it.
The following code creates three presenters for a presentation and assigns two of the presenters to slides:

<cfpresentation title="Sales Presentation">
<cfpresenter name="Hannah" title="V.P. of Marketing" image="hannah.jpg">
<cfpresenter name="Anne" title="V.P. of Sales" image="Anne.jpg">
<cfpresenter name="Wilson" title="V.P. of Engineering"
<cfpresentationslide title="Overview" presenter="Hannah" duration="30"
<cfpresentationslide title="Q1 Sales" presenter="Anne" duration="15"
<cfpresentationslide title="Projected Sales" presenter="Anne"
duration="15" src="slide3.htm" video="promo.flv"/>
<cfpresentationslide title="Conclusion" src="slide4.htm"/>

The presenter Hannah is assigned to one slide and Anne is assigned to two slides. The last slide in the presentation has no presenter assigned to it. Because Wilson is not assigned to a slide, his information does not appear in the presentation. In the second slide, Anne's photo is displayed in the control panel. In the third slide, however, the video called promo.flv runs in place of Anne's photo in the control panel for the duration of the slide. The video does not display in the slide.

Note: Videos must be in SWF or FLV format. You cannot specify audio and video for the same slide.

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