Use one cfpresentationslide tag for each slide in the presentation. The presentation runs the slides in the order they are listed beneath the cfpresentation tag. You can create content for a slide in one of the following ways:




A SWF or HTML file

The file must be located on the system running ColdFusion. You can specify an absolute path or a path relative to the ColdFusion page.

<cfpresentationslide title="slide 1" src="presentation/slide1.swf"/><cfpresentationslide title="slide 2" src="c:/presentation/slide2.htm"/>


The URL must return HTML content.

<cfpresentationslide title="slide 3" src=""/>

HTML and CFML code on the ColdFusion page

Enclose the HTML and CFML code within the cfpresentationslide start and end tags.

<cfpresentationslide><h3>Total Sales</h3><cfchart format="jpg" chartwidth="500" show3d="yes"><cfchartseries type="pie" query="artwork" itemcolumn="issold" valuecolumn="price"/></cfchart></cfpresentationslide>

Creating content from source files

The following code creates a presentation with three slides from source files in different locations:

<cfpresentation title="Garden Mania" directory="gardenPresentation">
<cfpresentationslide title="Seeds of Change" src="c:\gardening\seeds.html" audio="media\hendrix.mp3" duration="30"/>
<cfpresentationslide title="Flower Power" src="shockwave\flowerPower.swf" duration="40"/>
<cfpresentationslide title="Dig Deep" src="" duration="15"/>

In this example, ColdFusion generates the files required to run the presentation in the gardenPresentation directory. It generates a new SWF file in the data subdirectory from each of the slides. ColdFusion also copies the hendrix.mp3 file and saves it in the data subdirectory.

Note: Links within slides created from HTML files are not active.

Creating content from HTML and CFML code

If you do not specify a source file for a slide, create the content by using HTML or CFML in the cfpresentationslide tag body. The following presentation contains one slide with each with the following types of content:

  • Generated from HTML
  • Generated from HTML and CFML
  • Extracted from an HTML file on an external website

<cfpresentation title="The Road Ahead">
<cfpresentationslide title="Yellow Bricks" audio="myaudio1.mp3" duration="10">
<h3>Yellow Bricks</h3>
<table cellpadding=10>
<li>Way to go Dorothy</li>
<li>Making tracks</li>
<li>No place like home</li>
<td><img src="../cfdocs/images/artgallery/maxwell01.jpg"/>
<cfpresentationslide title="Wild Ride" duration="5">
<h3>Wild Ride</h3>
<cfchart format="jpg" title="Who's Ahead" show3D="yes" chartHeight=500 chartWidth=500>
<cfchartseries type="pyramid">
<cfchartdata item="Dorothy" value=10>
<cfchartdata item="Tin Man" value=30>
<cfchartdata item="Scarecrow" value=15>
<cfchartdata item="Lion" value=50>
<cfchartdata item="Toto" value=5>
<cfpresentationslide title="The Golden Age of Ballooning" duration="10" src=""/>

Note: The value for the format attribute of the cfchart tag must be JPG or PNG.

The content for slides is not limited to static data: you can generate content from information extracted from a database or a query of queries.

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