Use the cfpresentation tag to customize the look of the slide presentation. Customizations can include the control locations and the colors used in the presentation interface, as the following example shows:

<cfpresentation title="Sales Presentation" controlLocation="left" primaryColor="##0000FF" shadowColor="###000033" textColor="##FFFF00" showNotes="yes">

The title appears at the top of the control panel. The color settings affect the presentation interface, but not the format of the slides within the presentation. Set the showNotes attribute to yes to display text notes that are defined for individual slides.
If you do not specify a directory, as in the previous example, ColdFusion runs the presentation directly in the client browser. The presentation uses files written to a temp directory on the server. To save the presentation, specify an absolute path or a directory relative to the CFM page. (ColdFusion does not create the directory; it must exist already.) In the following example, the presentation files are stored in the salesPresentation directory on the local drive:

<cfpresentation title="Sales Presentation" directory="c:\salesPresenation">

ColdFusion automatically generates the following files necessary to run the presentation and saves them in the specified directory:

  • components.swf
  • index.htm
  • loadflash.js
  • viewer.swf
    Also, ColdFusion creates a subdirectory called data where it stores the following files:
  • srchdata.xml (which creates the search interface)
  • vconfig.xml
  • viewer.xml
  • A SWF file generated for each slide in the presentation
  • Copies of the media files referenced in the presentation slidesMedia files can include JPEG files, FLV and SWF video files, and mp3 audio files. To run the presentation that you saved to files, double-click the index.htm file.
Note: ColdFusion does not overwrite the files referenced by the slides in the presentation; changes to the generated presentation files do not affect the source files.

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