Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 8

Bug ID Description Product Area
3935792 A  cfgridcolumn  in a  cfgrid  will not insert using  cfgridupdate  if thecfgridcolumn  display is set to "no". AJAX
4102251 If you set CFGRID to not BindOnLoad, it still calls the JavaScript that is bound to that grid and also calls the .cfc to get data. AJAX
4104997 Boolean type in  cfgridcolumn  does not update or insert correctly. AJAX
4113472 In CFGrid, when you select the cell with date mask, the cell value gets cleared. AJAX
4087462 QueryExecute() ignores CachedWithin regardless if "Use internal cache to store queries" is enabled or not. Caching
3929327 In  cfimage , there are issues with PNG images on localhost. CFIMAGE
4091230 In  cfprint , printing a multi-page PDF using pages=1 and copies=1 results in printing all the pages instead of just page 1. This issue occurred in update 7. CFPRINT
4057613 CFID & CFTOKEN include "hash" prefix in front of the values that are not compatible with previous versions. Core Runtime
4094726 The server scope type gets modified. General Server
4135570 In Mac or Linux, after installing the HF1 Update, you may encounter permission issues. Hot Fix Installer
3956389 Update 5 prerelease 2 locks cached version of jar files. Java Integration
3969304 Cfpop tag duplicates attached files when generateUniqueFilenames is true.  Net Protocols
3972721 getHeaderOnly() with IMAP takes a long time when messages have attachments (15MB or greater). Net Protocols
4088896 CFPOP is unable to create a query given by  name=" " with update 7 installed. Net Protocols
3850183 "Clear Trusted Cache" unexpectedly stops REST services. REST Services
3839458 When a user logs in and the session expires, the next login fails. Security
4131007 ColdFusion administrator still shows "An error occurred while fetching element  from authcache " when the administrator session expires. Security
4132719 There may be issues when assigning values to CFINPUT. Security
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