Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 1

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 1

 Bug ID Description Product area
4127891 ColdFusion (2016 release) is unable to print to a user-defined (in printer driver) paper type. CFPRINT
4126398 SQL comments inside CFQuery are not ignored. Database
4126391 The duplicate() function does not include rows/columns of cached queries. Database
4123625 The htmlEditFormat() function is missing from the deprecated functions page. Documentation
4127481 Whitespace is stripped when output=true and  cfoutput   isoutside function scope. Functions
4135570 In Mac or Linux, after installing the HF1 Update, you may encounter permission issues. Hot Fix Installer
4131858 The installer dows not allow installation of Hotfix if a newer build in the same update level is already installed. Hot Fix Installer
4126642 Some  cflock  names cause deadlocks. Language
4126411 replace() causes java.lang.Integer not to cast tojava.lang.String Language
4126397 A passed struct gets modified inside  cfthread . Language
4126393 When using  cfloop  to iterate over a query that has been defined as a var function local, the iteration ends early if the function local variable is used in  recursive way . Language
4126384 The queryAddColumn()'s default column type is "varchar" if query has rows. Language
4119653 Setting a non-scoped variable in  a  udf  in ColdFusion (2016 release) behaves differently from ColdFusion 11. Language
4132719 When assigning values to CFINPUT, you may face issues. Security
4131007 ColdFusion administrator still shows "An error occurred while fetching element  fromauthcache " when the administrator session expires. Security
4126480 False positive when using <cfform>. If you remove the "method" attribute when using <cfform>, the default becomes "method=post" Security Analyzer
4126394 If you encode files using  cfencode , the Security Analyzer reports the files as unscanned due to syntax errors. Security Analyzer
4118903 Security Analyzer consumes  high  amount of CPU resources. Security Analyzer
4119079 The Server Monitor page shows ColdFusion 11 in the header. Server Monitoring
4131009 The  cfsharepoint  tag ignores the  ntlmdomain  value. SharePoint Support

Known issues in this release

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The commons-collections jar gets deleted under "ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib" after uninstalling the hotfix.

As a workaround, manually copy the jar to ColdFusion's lib directory.

Download the commons-collection 3.2.2.jar from this location.


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