Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 2

Bug ID Description Product area
4145501 ColdFusion (2016 release) Migration wizard should specify the version from which it is migrating. Administrator
4114638 In .car migration "Allow REST Discovery" settings does not get migrated. Administrator
3935792 A cfgridcolumn in a cfgrid will not insert using cfgridupdate if the cfgridcolumn display is set to "no". AJAX
4113472 In CFGrid, a cell value gets cleared, when the cell with date mask is selected on ColdFusion 11. AJAX
4104997 In cfgridcolumn, the type boolean does not update or insert correctly. AJAX
4126448 FCKeditor version is out of date. AJAX
4126405 API Manager fails to start if the necessary supporting services are not available. API Manager
4126417 API manager uninstaller fails. API Manager
4140887 In SoapToRest Mapping wizard, all the argument sources are not getting populated by default. API Manager
4120656 A node entry does not get removed when the node is stopped from command prompt using CTRL-C. API Manager
4140881 The SoapToRest Wizard fails to pick parameter names. API Manager
4140885 SoapToRest does not convert all the operations to Rest for RPC Encoded webservice. API Manager
4140971 Send a mail when a user changes the password from the Forgot Password link from the API Manager administrator portal login screen. API Manager
4158293 Content Type for POST requests with FORM Data needs to be "APPLICATION/X-WWW-FORM-URLENCODED" API Manager
4155303 On non-Windows platforms, API Manager, API Manager Analytics, and API Manager Datastore scripts are corrupted with JEE configuration. API Manager
4155044 Hotfix 2 installer adds unnecessary .sh files to APIM/bin, APIM/database/datastore, and APIM/database/analytics in Windows. API Manager
4134301 The API Manager does not display the update build number. API Manager
4131909 Whenever a user tries clear the query cache, there is an error. Caching
4136756 CFCHART within custom tag within function causes null pointer exception. Charting/Graphing
4119872 Issue using cfdump in CLI. CLI
4126392 Executing CLI on a Mac displays Windows help. CLI
4150051 Elvis operator inside the closure does not work as expected. Core Runtime
4121934 Incorrect casting and casing in Query of queries. Database
4153580 ColdFusion 11 Update 8 breaks left and right functions in SQL Server. Database
4126475 Action="addstamp" in cfpdf does not add a stamp to the last page of a PDF. Document Management
4126543 Stamps do not get displayed in a PDF when viewed in Adobe Reader. Document Management
4120116 Thread attribute variables unusable in cfhtmltopdf/cfdocument header/footer. Document Management
4142993 Cfhtmltopdf fails to write a PDF if the filename contains special characters. Document Management
4133428 In Solaris, ddx operations may not work if xmpcoreold.jar is picked before xmpcore.jar during class load. Document Management
4152455 Struct member functions are duplicated in the documentation for member functions. Documentation
4120029 CLI documents need editing for grammar or neutral English dialect. Documentation
4120000 WriteOutput function documentation needs more information. Documentation
4119952 The documentation for booleanFormat function is incorrect. Documentation
4120075 Documentation for encodeForHtml() is not helpful. Documentation
4119107 The documentation for query iteration methods do not contain sections. Documentation
4119993 The documentation for querysort function do not contain detailed information. Documentation
4135460 The CFTHREAD limit for Standard Edition is incorrect. EFR
4134089 After applying Updater 18, an app that relies heavily on Blaze stopped working correctly. Flex/Flash
4119979 Member functions for YesNoFormat() and BooleanFormat() are missing. Functions
4148583 cfoutput with attributecollection causes "cannot find encodefor key in structure" error. Functions
4160634 Hotfix installation is unable to display the build number. Hot Fix Installer
4158790 Branding in Hotfix installer should change to ColdFusion 2016. Hot Fix Installer
4118880 Incorrect RDS information in ColdFusion installer. Installation/Config
4118887 ColdFusion archives are unable to migrate certain settings. Installation/Config
4126519 wsconfig ALL should select connection_pool_size and max_reuse_connections. Installation/Config
4126483 Command-line options for coldfusionsvc.exe still include JRun parameters. Installation/Config
4147893 The commons-collections jar gets deleted under "ColdFusion2016\cfusion\lib" on uninstalling the hotfix. Installation/Config
4125413 Incorrect Japanese UI text in wsconfig.jar. Installation/Config
4118895 Attributecollection is broken for all tags inside a loop. Language
4117325 Duplicate (query) results undefined after executing query.getResult(). Language
4126388 Ordered struct exception in query.map() callback. Language
4126387 Incorrect results in queryNew() when using ordered struct. Language
4148803 Exception for QuerySort() says ArraySort(). Language
4147671 ArrayDeleteNoCase or .deleteNoCase() fails when the indexes in the array are not sequential. Language
4119477 Dump does not distinguish between normal and ordered structs. Language
4123732 For-in does not loop over cached query. Language
4149367 Metadata of a struct is not set for the duplicate of the struct. Language
4127382 Member function for arrayDeleteNoCase missing. Language
4125268 Page crashes when it ends with <. Language
4119103 Query.filter() returns an array that is not a query. Language
4132630 RandRange() does not work as expected. Language
4147965 Variable index is undefined in cfloop if surrounded by cfoutput. Language
4131212 The value of a variable does not pass to the template when using CFINCLUDE. Language
4126653 Error "javax.mail.MessagingException: Unable to load BODYSTRUCTURE" when using CFIMAP". Net Protocols
4126537 Security Analyzer reports false negatives. Security Analyzer
4140038 Empty scan result gets returned for a second request when two requests are sent in parallel and the first request takes more time to scan. Security Analyzer
4126663 Security Analyzer fails to identify passwords in script functions implemented as CFCs. Security Analyzer
4126413 Security Analyzer reports false positive on #DateFormat(now())# and other functions. Security Analyzer
4126395 Change XSS Attack terminology. Security Analyzer
4087973 Values coming from in-built struct objects/tag-specific variables should not be flagged for vulnerability. Security Analyzer
4126531 Security Analyzer incorrectly flags the use of the variable posted in getActiveDays() method within blog.cfc. Security Analyzer
4126547 <cfinvoke authtype="basic"> fails when NTLM and Basic Auth enabled. SharePoint Support
4126548 cfsharepoint, cfobject, and createObject sends BasicAuth when authtype="ntlm" and NTLM is disabled. SharePoint Support
4126550 cfsharepoint's ntlmdomain attribute should be optional. SharePoint Support
4150357 ReplaceNoCase fails to replace properly with special char "ß". Tags
4076735 cfsearch with contextpassages throws a null pointer error when a large number of results are returned. Text Search

Known issues in this release

Bug ID Description Workaround
4154900 Installing API Manager with ColdFusion as JEE configuration provides an option to install API Manager as in-VM. In Windows, select No in the dialog, where it asks to install as in-VM as in-VM is not supported in JEE configurations.
4164287 If you run ColdFusion (2016 release) from the command line, and all other services including API Manager are running from Windows services, and you install Update 2, the update gets installed with a fatal error, and you are unable to see the build number. Start ColdFusion 2016 application server from "Windows Services", or shut down the ColdFusion 2016 API Manager service before applying the update.

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