Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 2

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 2

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4198282 .NET object failure error while calling the class System/Collections/Specialized/StringCollection. .Net Support
CF-4203295 ColdFusion Administrator does not accept  IP Address ::1 for "Debugging IP Addresses", so localhost debugging fails. Administrator
CF-4202963 Garbled characters appear when searching on the search bar in ColdFusion Administrator. Administrator
CF-4199411 ColdFusion Administrator's "Secure Profile Settings Summary" is missing the "Enable ColdFusion Sandbox Security" option. Administrator :  Administrator Console
CF-4203380 cfajaxproxy  target incorrectly returns 'not found' error instead of actual error details. AJAX
CF-4198839 Invalid usage of AJAX tag. AJAX
CF-4102251 In cfgrid , the attribute binOnLoad calls the JavaScript even when it is set to "No". AJAX :  UI Components
CF-4200058 When trying to update the content of a nested tab via Coldfusion.navigate() call, the content for all tabs after the first tab will be duplicated. AJAX : UI Components
CF-4199532 Issues in height/width in cfgrid. AJAX :  UI Components
CF-4200533 When submitting a cfform with richtext via ColdFusion.Ajax.submit, the cftextarea value is always empty. AJAX :  UI Components
CF-4202907 If you creating a website/application name/remote instance name with space in the name, then Performance Monitoring Toolset fails to register them. APS: Core
CF-4198406 The built-in AWS S3 functionality only works with version 2 of Amazon's signature versions. CFComponent
CF-4198323 There are issues in time zones when using cfexchangeCalendar, action="create". CFExchange :  Calendar
CF-4175138 The imageWrite function  applies  temp directory permissions in a few cases. CFIMAGE
CF-4203364 Issues in the function StructFind in ColdFusion (2018 release). Core Runtime
CF-4201994 When using named parameters within queryExecute, a parameter that is the substring of another parameter is incorrectly being inserted in the statement where the latter exists. Database
CF-4203678 The CF_SQL_TIMESTAMP / MSSQL datetime fields do not match when milliseconds is .880 (or any trailing zero). Database :  CFQuery
CF-4198861 There are errors when inserting, updating, or selecting Oracle 12c Varchar2 columns that are over 4000 characters Database :  Oracle
CF-4203068 Dockable debugger template loads images from CFIDE. Debugging
CF-4198420 cfdocument does not wrap long links without spaces in the display. Document Management : PDF generation
CF-4200014 A pdf generated using cfdocument in a loop does not apply background color style as expected. Document Management : PDF generation
CF-4203132 cfhtmltopdfitem throws an error when more than three special characters are used anywhere in the code. Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)
CF-4201790 Executing <cfpdf action="thumbnail"> with hres = "true" causes a PDFDocException error. Document  Management :  PDF manipulation
CF-4198484 cfspreadsheet formatting functions do not work as expected. Document  Management : Office Integration
CF-4203227 cfspreadsheet action="update" performs automatic formatting of excel rows. Document Management :Office Integration
CF-4203361 The function spreadsheetSetCellComment(doc,commentStruct,rowNumber,colNumber) causes an error when doc is of type XLSX. However, it works as expected when doc is of type XLS. Document  Management : Office Integration
CF-4198540 When passing a function closure to another function, if the argument type is string , the function is allowed to come through. Functions
CF-4199452 queryExecute does not support single-quotes in  sql -style comments. Functions
CF-4203350 DateTimeFormat returns different results in the 2016 and 2018 releases of ColdFusion. Functions :   Datetime
CF-4199244 Server errors in Application.log. General Server
CF-4203248 Server Auto-Lockdown installer fails to restart Apache when installing the web server connector. Installation / Config : Connector
CF-4202894 wsconfig is not a part of ColdFusion installer. Installation / Config : Connector
CF-4202900 The wsconfig UI says "WebSites". Installation / Config : Connector
CF-4203244 The Server Auto-LockdowniInstaller does not report fatal errors as fatal. Installation / Config : Lockdown Installer
CF-4202956 Incorrect error reports when installing Server Auto-Lockdown in Windows Server 2016. Installation / Config : Lockdown Installer
CF-4202955 Rollback of Server Auto-Lockdown installer causes Error 500. Installation / Config : Lockdown Installer
CF-4199826 JavaSettings.LoadPaths and ObjectLoad do not work as expected. Java Integration
CF-4199825 getPageContext().getResponse().getContentType() throws UnsupportedOperationException JEE Deployment : JSP
CF-4197174 In Internet Explorer, trying to set or expire an empty cookie results in a new session cookie. Language
CF-4203134 Interface checks happen at runtime and not at CFC creation, causing TestBox to behave unexpectedly. Language
CF-4203283 Application-specific mappings do not get registered as expected. Language
CF-3731425 Issues in Built-in Functions as first class functions. Language
CF-4203179 On the Japanese version of ColdFusion (2018 release), an error occurs when executing an async program. Language :  Asynchronous Programming
CF-4199031 The script variant of cfloop fails to execute for a list. Language :  CFSCRIPT
CF-4100122 Introduce ISO 8601 support in dayOfWeek function. Language :  Functions
CF-4198734 Exceptions raised from member functions get wrapped inaApplicationexceptions. Language :  Member Functions
CF-4203093 Implicit array notation causes components with  built-in  function name to behave unexpectedly. Language :  Named Parameters
CF-4203074 Per-app null value can be hacked from the address bar. Language :  Null Support
CF-4203024 Garbled characters appear when using  cfreport  in the Japanese version of the 2018 release of ColdFusion. Localization
CF-4200346 ColdFusion ignores the body content sent via HTTP DELETE requests. Net  Protocols :  HTTP
CF-4203121 Scoped connection name does not work expected in the 2018 release of ColdFusion. Net  Protocols :  sFTP
CF-4203425 An error occurrs when using a mappedsuperclass entity and a property named "name" within the mappedsuperclass entity. ORM Support
CF-3434100 If you are updating a scheduled task using the cfschedule tag, a few tasks resets to default. Scheduler
CF-4171358 cfschedule behaves unexpectedly most of the time. Scheduler
CF-4202932 If you leave wsconfig running while running the Server Auto-Lockdown installer, the installer fails half way through and has to roll back its changes. Security : LockdownGuide
CF-4200168 With sandbox security active, the getFreeSpace and getTotalSpace functions throw errors. Security :  Sandbox
CF-4198528 SerializeJSON fails to quote the "character" key value in errors that occur when parsing JSON (DeserializeJSON(string)). Serialization
CF-4202960 Archiving using cfpdf action=archive fails when run on secondary ColdFusion instance. Server Manager
CF-4141711 The monitoring server listens to port 5500 even when disabled from ColdFusion Administrator. Server Monitoring
CF-4198405 Invoking WSPublish causes the session scope to become inaccessible/undefined within any CFC methods that are called during the duration of the request. Web Socket

Known issues in this release


Issue #1

If there is an error, as shown below, with fonts in cfdocument , you must install the respective fonts in your system before executing the tag.

coldfusion.document.spi.DocumentExportException: java.lang.ClassCastException: class sun.font.CompositeFont cannot be cast to class sun.font.PhysicalFont (sun.font.CompositeFont and sun.font.PhysicalFont are in module java.desktop of loader 'bootstrap')

The issue occurs because the Lucida Font has been removed from Oracle JDK.

Oracle JDK no longer ships any fonts and relies entirely on fonts installed on the Operating System.

Fonts in the Bigelow & Holmes Lucida family (Lucida Sans, Lucida Bright, and Lucida Typewriter) are also no longer available to applications from the JDK.

If applications rely on fonts that are included in the JDK, they may need to be updated.

For more information, see release notes from Oracle.

Issue #2

For a few archiving cases, there could be archiving failures related to fonts/annotations.


Issue #1

If you are unable to archive a .cfr using standard 1b, add the flag  -DARCHIVE_ENCODING=MacRoman in jvm.config.

Issue #2

CAR creation/deployment does not work as expected.

Mobile support

Issue #1

Ajax calls for Cordova apps do not work if the request being made is not through https. Also, self-signed certificates won’t work. It has to be a domain associated with a CA-assigned certificate.

Issue #2

If you have a build server different from your target server, you cannot use any new feature of mobile.


  1. Navigate to your build server.
  2. Copy the file data.ser from [CF Home]\cfusion\lib\mobile\data.ser.
  3. Navigate to your target server.
  4. Paste this data.ser file to folder [CF Home]\cfuson\lib\mobile.

Issue #3

cfclient throws Error 400 bad request for cfftp.

Issue #4

Scope variables, such as, cfdocument.currentPageNumber do not work as expected in the cfdocumentitem tag.


In cfpdf , sign or unsign actions may not work as expected in Solaris 11.3.


  1. Navigate to [CF Home]/[CF Instance]/wwwroot/WEB-INF/lib.
  2. Take a backup of the file jcmFIPS.jar 
  3. Delete the jar.
  4. Restart ColdFusion.


Web pages do not render as expected when document root of Apache contains localized characters.


Create a document root with only English characters.


Issue #1

When you create a task ColdFusion Administrator, it displays the scheduled time in 1899 format.

Issue #2

A daily/monthly task when modified to set a crontime , does not set as expected.


Issue #1

The ListDeleteAt function removes the last symbol instead of the entire delimiter.

Issue #2

cfsearch fails when DisMax query parser is used.


When using the grid component, you must click a check-box twice to select. This occurs intermittently due to an upgrade to the ExtJS library.


The update installer searches for the  cfscripts folder if the folder is moved to a different location.

Server Auto-Lockdown

After uninstalling Server Auto-Lockdown, a few folders (such as,   jre , uninstall, or logs) are left behind. Delete the folders manually.


If you specify a datasource on a persistent CFC with secondary caching enabled, the application will not start as it attempts to create a new cache with the same name as the cache specified in the caching configuration.

Document management

The " backgroundcolor " attribute for cfpresentation tag does not work as expected.


If you assign the result of a QueryExecute directly to a bracket style variable reference, an exception occurs.

Revision history

2/15/2019: Added a known issue for queryExecute function.

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