Bugs fixed in ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) Update 2

Bugs fixed in  ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) Update 2

Bug ID Description Product area
3930120 Syntax highlighting does not work for the files with .cfm extension. Editor Features
3831825 Code coloring does not work properly when comments are used within functions with named arguments. Editor Features
4147855 Version number should be 3.1.2. Installer
4130080 ColdFusion Builder throws out-of-memory exception for specific files. Performance
4130074 Content assist causes ColdFusion Builder to freeze. Performance
4121980 ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) closes unexpectedly when opening specific files. Performance
4029822 While editing a script CFC, ColdFusion Builder occasionally stalls and consumes 100% CPU usage. Performance
4152805 The User Interface looks distorted when opening a ColdFusion Builder mobile project properties. PhoneGap
4139440 When you do not select any row in Security Analyzer and you right-click, you see a Null Pointer Exception. Security Code Analyzer
4139323 You are unable to sort a column in the Unscanned Files tab in Security Analyzer. Security Code Analyzer
4138875 A user should be able to search for files and sort files in the Unscanned Files tab of Security Analyzer. Security Code Analyzer
4135745 When canceling an operation in Security Analyzer, partial results should be displayed. Security Code Analyzer
4135074 Security Analyzer > Clear Security Markers fails to remove the markers for multiple folders. Security Code Analyzer
4130092 Security Analyzer fails to run if the project's server is a ColdFusion Builder virtual host. Security Code Analyzer
4130057 A report should also be available a JSON file, in addition to an HTML file. Security Code Analyzer
4130056 The Security Analyzer should also display the file path. Security Code Analyzer
4116590 The Security Analyzer report should contain the timestamp. Security Code Analyzer
4102076 Icons do not show up properly when viewing a report in Internet Explorer. Security Code Analyzer
4118933 Server start/stop fails to work properly. Server\RDS Support

Known issues in this release

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Device debugging does not work if ColdFusion Builder is installed as a plugin to Eclipse. 

Use device debugging in ColdFusion Builder - standalone.

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