Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 16

Bugs fixed

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4203295 ColdFusion Administrator does not accept  IP Address ::1 for "Debugging IP Addresses", so localhost debugging fails. Administrator
CF-4198174 The icons that handle log files like "Download log file" or "Archive log file" are not displayed properly. Administrator
CF-3923584 After applying ColdFusion 11 Update 4, ColdFusion is unable to append /CFIDE/scripts path to the URL, the result of which all features using scripts do not work as expected. Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4199411 ColdFusion Administrator's "Secure Profile Settings Summary" is missing the "Enable ColdFusion Sandbox Security" option. Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4198839 Invalid usage of AJAX tag. AJAX
CF-4102251 In cfgrid, the attribute binOnLoad calls the JavaScript even when it is set to "No". AJAX : UI Components
CF-4198394 There are concurrency issues when writing to mappings returned from getApplicationMetadata() under load. Application Framework
CF-4203360 If a Tomcat valve is added to server.xml (such as mod_cfml) and it lacks the attribute "pattern", Coldfusion will fail on startup. Core Runtime
CF-3925839 Columns added via QueryAddColumn without a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop. Core Runtime
CF-4198278 Issues with queryExecute when using params immediately followed by a semicolon in sql text. Database
CF-4199516 When using a questionmark inside of square brackets in a query using queryExecute the error "Error while Parsing SQL query string. Lesser number (1) of positional parameters are defined for sql query" is thrown. Database : CFQuery
CF-4200137 Debugging data displays "ExecuteQuery" as the name of the query when using the function queryExecute(). Debugging : General
CF-3956121 The spreadsheetAddRows function must accept 2D arrays for populating spreadsheets. Document Management : Office Integration
CF-4201686 cfpdfform with name attribute makes the PDF unsignable in Reader DC. Document Management : PDF Form
CF-4200014 A pdf generated using cfdocument in a loop does not apply background color style as expected. Document Management : PDF generation
CF-4198393 Each time you use cffile to write to a file, the function reproduces the BOM signature. File Management : CFFile
CF-4199452 queryExecute does not support single-quotes in sql-style comments. Functions
CF-4199826 JavaSettings.LoadPaths and ObjectLoad do not seem to work together Java Integration
CF-4197174 In Internet Explorer, trying to set or expire an empty cookie results in a new session cookie. Language
CF-3988223 Implicit array within function call and other requirements produces java.lang.ClassCastException. Language
CF-4199727 Query column values resolve incorrectly in a query passed as an argument to a CFC method. Language
CF-4198765 You are unable to chain member function ListToArray() after a ValueList() function. Language : Member Functions
CF-4198734 Exceptions raised from member functions gets wrapped in Application exceptions. Language : Member Functions
CF-4155402 You are unable to disable custom logging by using the Disable button. Logging
CF-4200346 ColdFusion ignores the body content sent via HTTP DELETE requests. Net Protocols : HTTP
CF-4198260 Under a request with thousands of CFLDAP calls the CFLDAP tag fails with this error message" "An error has occurred while trying to execute query :" Net Protocols : LDAP
CF-4199784 With Update 11 for ColdFusion 11 there are issues with email attachments that have longer filenames. Net Protocols : MAIL
CF-4190744 There are a few performances issues with strings in underlying Java methods. Performance
CF-4198528 Incorrect JSON serialization of certain errors. Serialization
CF-4141711 The monitoring server listens to port 5500 even when disabled from ColdFusion Administrator. Server Monitoring
CF-4198485 Facebook Oauth response is not formated properly. Social : Oauth Login
CF-4198405 Invoking WSPublish causes the session scope to become inaccessible/undefined within any CFC methods that are called during the duration of the request. Web Socket

Known issues

Document management

The PDFg service behaves unexpectedly in add-on services for ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion (2016 release).


Download the zip file and extract the contents as described in the steps below for both Windows and Linux.



  1. Extract the zip file pdfg-windows.zip.
  2. Stop ColdFusion Add-on services.
  3. Navigate to [cfaddonservices home directory]/webapps/PDFgServlet/Resources/bin.
  4. Take a backup the file HTML2PDFConverter.exe.
  5. Replace the file with the one that is shared in the zip file.
  6. Restart ColdFusion Add-on services.



  1. Extract the zip file pdfg.zip.
  2. Stop ColdFusion Add-on services.
  3. Navigate to [cfaddonservices home directory]/webapps/PDFgServlet/Resources/bin.
  4. Take a backup of the following files:
    • HTML2PDFConverter.exe
    • HTML2PDFConverter.sh
    • libcrypto.so
    • libcrypto.so.0
    • libcrypto.so.0.9.7
    • libcurl.so
    • libcurl.so.3
    • libssl.so 
    • libssl.so.0 
    • libssl.so.0.9.7 
  5. Replace these files with the ones that are present in the downloaded zip.
  6. Ensure that the files have the right permissions. The following files must have executable rights: 
    • chown nobody libcurl.so 
    • chmod 755 libcurl.so 
  7. Restart ColdFusion Add-on services.


Issue #1

If you assign the result of a QueryExecute directly to a bracket style variable reference, an exception occurs.


  1. Sttop ColdFusion service.
  2. Copy the jar file in cf_home/[instance]/lib/update.
  3. Delete all the class files in cf_home/[instance]/wwwroot/WEB-INF/cfclasses.
  4. Restart ColdFusion service.
  5. Repeat the steps for each instance.

Issue #2

An exception occurs when returning the result of queryExecute from a function in a CFC.


Scheduled tasks are missing.


If you have scheduled tasks migrated from a previous version of ColdFusion, backup the tasks before applying the update. Manually edit a backup copy of neo-crons.xml  by adding the following to each task.

<var name=’clustered’>

    <boolean value=’false’/>


Revision history

2/15/2019: Added known issues for

  • queryExecute function
  • Task scheduler

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