ColdFusion 9: Limit access to the Solr collections


ColdFusion by default allows collections created by the Solr Service to be accessed from any external machine using a URL. This feature allows users to access information about the collections as well as search and index them.


To disable external access to the Solr collections:

  1. Open the file jetty.xml located at {ColdFusion-home}/solr/etc for Server install or {Solr-Home}/etc directory for other type of installs.
  2. Look for the following property. There are two occurrences of the property in the jetty.xml file. Locate the uncommented property:

    <Set name="port"><SystemProperty name="jetty.port" default="8983"/></Set>
  3. Add the following property just below the property cited above:

    <Set name="Host"><SystemProperty name="" default=""/></Set>

    This procedure changes the access to the Solr collections from the browser to localhost only.
  4. Restart Solr Service.








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