Enable Metric logging | ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion10 offers multiple ways to generate runtime usage data. Performance Monitor integration, cfstat, and application logging allow administrators to gather important statistics on a sites usage. One additional tool is available with ColdFusion10 is Metric Service.

Enable Metric logging can through ColdFusion Administrator:

  1. Log in inside ColdFusion Administrator.
  2. Open the Debugging and Logging section.
  3. Click Debug Output Settings.
  4. Select Enable Metric Logging.
  5. Click Submit and restart ColdFusion.

The metrics logger writes data to metrics.log in the location {CF-HOME}/logs at the specified interval defined in Metric Frequency attribute. The default value is 60 seconds.

You can change value of Metric Frequency attribute from Debug Output Settings.

The Metrics log contains information of Maximum thread count, Current thread count, Current busy thread, Maximum processing time, Request count, Error count, Free memory, Total memory, and Active sessions.

The following example shows a log message generated with this format:

"Information","scheduler-0","05/10/12","16:56:15",,"Max threads: 150 Current thread count: 0 Current thread busy: 0 Max processing time: 0 Request count: 0 Error count: 0 Bytes received: 0 Bytes sent: 0 Free memory: 191346744 Total memory: 254607360 Active Sessions: 0"
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