ColdFusion 10 Update 1

This ColdFusion 10 Update 1 released on August 31 2012, includes several important bug fixes for Scheduler, Connector, General Runtime, and more. Adobe recommends that you apply this update to ColdFusion 10. This update is specific to ColdFusion 10; don't apply it to any other versions.

Issues fixed

Bug ID Description
3177732 Missing CGI.Redirect_* variables (for example, CGI.Redirect_URL, CGI.redirect_query_string) in ColdFusion 10.
3305486 The value of CGI.path_info is an empty string when URL rewrite condition uses {PATH_INFO} in IIS.
3181617 ORM second-level cache does not function when application is restarted after timeout.
3197628 cfcompile.bat and missing from ColdFusion 10.
3209606 When request debugging is enabled in "Secure Profile" mode, error template does not display correctly.
3207446 Unable to send certain set of characters as a message over websocket.
3290529 Unable to access Coldfusion Collections in spite of necessary permissions being granted to a user.
3306430 Data overflows from columns within a table in PDFs generated using cfdocument tag.
3192032 Scheduled Tasks belonging to non-default group are not archived.
3198173 cfhttp fails for a URL whose response is gzipped.
3198902 ExpandPath with UNC path is VERY slow.
3218452 CFThread fails when called from Custom Tags.
3295296 ColdFusion 10 returns multiple form fields with the same name as arrays instead of lists.
3306457 ColdFusion 10 deploys incorrect DLLs when installed as a 32–bit application on a 64-bit machine. It causes functionality such as registering CFX C++ tags to fail.
3183743 When the value of action attribute of cfschedule tag is "list", incorrect interval information is returned.
3194817 (ColdFusion 10 Standard Edition only) Can't create recurring scheduled tasks.
3196328 An application-specific task that is paused cannot be listed.
3196336 Exception in the ColdFusion Administrator when viewing a task if the value of its exclude attribute is an array.
3203769 Editing a paused task which has a password specified changes its status to running.
3295644 Scheduled Task that executes a URL on a specific port reverts to 80 on server restart.
3208222 Error when instantiating a COM Object in ColdFusion 10.
3299932 When a scheduled task is created with "Recurring" or "One-Time" option, it loses the user name and password information on server restart.


  1. If you have not already applied ColdFusion 10 Mandatory Update, then please apply it first in order to apply ColdFusion 10 Update 1.
  2. On 64-bit machine, use 32-bit JRE for 32-bit ColdFusion and 64-bit JRE for 64-bit ColdFusion.
  3. If the ColdFusion server is behind a proxy, specify the proxy settings for the server to get the update notification and download the updates. Proxy settings can be specified using the below-mentioned system properties in the jvm.config in case of stand-alone installation or corresponding script file for JEE installation.
    • http.proxyHost
    • http.proxyPort
    • http.proxyUser
    • http.proxyPassword
  4. For ColdFusion running on JEE application servers, stop all application server instances before installing the update.

Install ColdFusion 10 Update 1

For instructions on how to install this update, see Server Update section.

  • The update can only be installed from the Administrator of cfusion instance. To apply the update to individual instances, run the installer from the command prompt. Or, install using the ColdFusion Administrator of the cfusion instance. Then, when prompted, select the instance to apply the update. The update is applied to the main instance as well.
  • After applying the update, reconfigure the connectors using wsconfig tool. It is in{cf_install_home}/cfusion/runtime/bin.
  • You can encounter a Signature Verification Failed error when downloading and installing this update. To resolve this issue, download and install the update again.
  • If you get the following error when installing the update using the Download and Install option, ensure that the folder {cf_install_home}/cfusion/hf_updates has write permission: "An error occurred when performing a file operation write on file {cf_install_home}/cfusion/hf-updates/"

Uninstall ColdFusion 10 Update 1

To uninstall the update, do one of the following:

  • In ColdFusion Administrator, click Uninstall in Server Update > Updates > Installed Updates.
  • Run the uninstaller for the update from the command prompt. For example, java -jar {cf_install_home}/{instance_home}/hf_updates/hf-10-00001/uninstall /uninstaller.jar

If you can't uninstall using the above-mentioned uninstall options, the uninstaller could be corrupt. However, you can manually uninstall the update by doing the following:

  1. Delete the update jar from {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/lib/updates.
  2. Copy all folders from {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/hf-updates/{hf-10-00001}/backup directory to {cf_install_home}/{instance_name}/


  1. In the ColdFusion Administrator, if you see the update listed in both Available Updates and Installed Updates, it could be a caching issue. Do the following:
    1. Navigate to Server Update > Updates > Available Updates and check Check For Updates.
    2. Press Ctrl+F5 to remove the bulb notification from the top banner of the ColdFusion Administrator.
  2. If ColdFusion server doesn't start (grep command would indicate that ColdFusion is running, but the ColdFusion Administrator cannot be accessed) automatically after applying the hot fix, restart the server manually after applying the hot fix. This issue is rare and occurs on few *INX-based operating systems (when buffer allocation size of the machine console is almost zero).



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