Welcome to ColdFusion Builder 2016, the IDE which allows you to build and deploy web and mobile applications. 

ColdFusion Builder 2016 Downloads

The following are the download locations for ColdFusion Builder 2016

Location Description
Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) - Product Downloads Download a trial edition of Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release)

Release Highlights

ColdFusion Builder 2016 comes with a Security Code Analyzer. This feature is integrated into ColdFusion Builder to enable developers to avoid common security pitfalls and vulnerabilities while writing ColdFusion code.

Use this feature to view:

  • Vulnerable code in the editor.
  • Vulnerability or type of attack (Error and Warning).
  • Severity level of vulnerability (High, Medium, and Low).
  • Suggestion to avoid the vulnerability.
Location Description
Security Code Analyzer A description of Security Analyzer.
Installing Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) Go through the document before you install Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release)
Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) Documentation Your entry point to Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) documentation.

Known issues in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2016 release)

  1. PhoneGap does not not work in case of a remote ColdFusion server.
  2. On Windows 10, the option Run As > ColdFusion Application does not launch the page in the browser.
  3. The server wizard behaves unexpectedly when you use Builder as a plug-in to Mars on Linux. As a workaround, click Back and Next.
  4. Code Assist does not list local scope variables.
  5. In Mac OS, you cannot start and stop the local server in the ColdFusion Builder. Do it from the command prompt. Once you start the server, the ColdFusion Builder connects to it.
  6. Debugger (by default) does not switch to Debug perspective.
  7. On Ubuntu, the Launch ColdFusion Administrator option does not work.
  8. Security Code Analyzer does not work if the project uses a virtual host.
  9. When running the Security Code Analyzer on large application, ensure that the value of the Timeout setting is set appropriately. The default is 30 seconds. Access the setting in the RDS Configuration settings screen.
  10. On Mac OS X, perform the following if you encounter a "JVM shared library" error on launching Builder:
    1. Open the file /Applications/ColdFusionBuilder2016/CFBuilder.app/Contents/Info.plist.
    2. Verify the VM path as /Applications/ColdFusionBuilder2016/jre/Contents/Home/jre/lib/server/libjvm.dylib.
    3. Replace the path with your installed Java path as follows /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_65.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/server/libjvm.dylib.
    4. Launch ColdFusion Builder.

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