Adobe Serialization icon does not run when double-clicked


After creating a License Package using Creative Cloud Packager on Mac, the main executable files AdobeSerialization and RemoveVolumeSerial do not run when double-clicked.




AdobeSerialization and RemoveVolumeSerial are UNIX executable files. If the "executable bit" on the files is removed (possibly by being transferred via a third-party filing system), the system does not recognize them and does not launch Terminal to run them. 


In Terminal, use the chmod command to mark the file as an executable, as follows: 
chmod +x [path to file]

For example, if AdobeSerialization were stored in a folder called "LicPack" on the desktop, the command would be
chmod +x ~/Desktop/LicPack/AdobeSerialization

If this does not resolve the problem, it could indicate that the data in the file is corrupted and is necessary to re-create the serialization package.

Additional information

More information on creating License Packages in CCP is available at More information on chmod can be obtained by typing
man chmod
at a command prompt in the Terminal app.

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