Purchase the serial number licenses or device licenses. Then, use the Create License Package workflow to migrate previously deployed named user or trial packages to serial number licenses or device licenses.

The Create License Package workflow can be used for scenarios such as:

  • Migrate from Named Licensing to Serial   
  • Apply a new serial number when the old serial number is expired     
  • Migrate from Named to Device Licensing   
  • Resolve some client licensing issues       
  • Remove a Volume serial and use Named Licensing

Create license package

  1. Start Creative Cloud Packager and choose your account type.

    Choose your account
  2. Enter your ID and password, and then click Sign In.

    Sign in
  3. In the main menu screen, click Create License Package.

  4. To save the package, enter a name and a location. Click Build.

    Enter details, click Build

    Education customers only:

    • Select an Organization. This option only displays if your account is tied to multiple organizations.
    • Select Device License as the License Type.
    • Select a Deployment Pool.
    Select a deployment pool
  5. Enterprise customers only: Enter the enterprise license key, and click Build.

    Enter the enterprise license key, click build
  6. The summary screen displays if the package was created successfully. Click the package name open the folder.

    Summary screen

    Click Build Log to open the log file created while building the package. If there is a failure, use the log file AdobeSerialization.log to troubleshoot the issues.

    Locate AdobeSerialization.log at:

    • Mac: ~/Library/Logs/
    • Win: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp

Deploy and run the package

The package is created at the specified location and contains four files:

  • AdobeSerialization
  • helper.bin
  • prov.xml
  • RemoveVolumeSerial

To license the software, run AdobeSerialization executable with admin privileges in the command line (for Windows) or the terminal (for MAC). Ensure that all files are present when you run the executable file.

Remove volume serial (Enterprise and EEA customers only)

Enterprise and EEA customers can use the RemoveVolumeSerial executable file to remove enterprise license of previously licensed apps (before applying the newer license).

For details on how to remove licenses, see Migrate from serial number licensing to named licenses.

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