Upload has failed...unknown server error in Folio Builder panel

An "unknown server" error occurs when you add or update articles in folios that aren't saved locally.

When you add or update articles in non-local folios, the Folio Builder panel shows the following error:

"The upload has failed. An unknown server error during processing. Please try again."

Solution 1: Increase system resources.

Ensure that as much memory can be allocated to InDesign as possible:

  1. Use the workstation's System Preferences (Mac OS) or MSConfig (Windows) to disable unnecessary startup items.

  2. Restart the workstation and launch InDesign without additional applications.

  3. In the Folio Builder panel, sign in and add or update articles as needed.

If still unsuccessful, use the next solution, or try using a workstation with more RAM, and more, faster, processors.

Solution 2: Import to a local folio.

Separating the article conversion and uploading processes prevents the time-out issue described in the Additional Information section below.

  1. Create an offline folio with the same properties as the target folio.

  2. Add the desired articles. Be sure to include meta data appropriately.

  3. Use the Upload Folio command in the Folio Builder panel's pop-up menu upload the offline folio to the server.

  4. Use the Folio Producer to copy the articles into the target folio, adjust its position, and add or correct meta data.

Additional information

When you import or update an article in a folio that is online, the Folio Builder panel initiates communication with the Publishing service. The source files are converted to the folio format and then upload it to the server. During the folio creation process, the service queries the panel to confirm that it is still responding. If the application fails to respond to the server queries, the service closes its connection with the panel (time-out), resulting in the "upload has failed" error.

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