Data source functions

Data source files are stored in the Configuration/DataSources folder. Each server model has its own folder: ASP.Net/C#, ASP.Net/VisualBasic, ASP/JavaScript, ASP/VBScript, ColdFusion, JSP, and PHP/MySQL. Each server model subfolder contains HTML and EDML files that are associated with the data sources for that server model.

For more information about using data sources in Dreamweaver, see “Data Sources” in Extending Dreamweaver.



Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.


Calls the findDynamicSources() function for each file in the Configuration/DataSources folder. You can use this function to generate a list of all the data sources in the user’s document. This function iterates through all the files in the Configuration/DataSources folder, calls the findDynamicSources() function in each file, concatenates all the returned arrays, and returns the concatenated array of data sources.




An array that contains a concatenated list of all the data sources in the user’s document. Each element in the array is an object, and each object has the following properties:

  • The title property is the label string that appears to the right of the icon for each parent node. The title property is always defined.

  • The imageFile property is the path of a file that contains the icon (a GIF image) that represents the parent node in Dynamic Data or the Dynamic Text dialog box or in the Bindings panel. The imageFile property is always defined.

  • The allowDelete property is optional. If this property is set to a value of false, when the user clicks on this node in the Bindings panel, the Minus (-) button is disabled. If it is set to a value of true, the Minus (-) button is enabled. If the property is not defined, the Minus (-) button is enabled when the user clicks on the item (as if the property is set to a value of true).

  • The dataSource property is the simple name of the file in which the findDynamicSources() function is defined. For example, the findDynamicSources() function in the Session.htm file, which is located in the Configuration/DataSources/ASP_Js folder, sets the dataSource property to session.htm. This property is always defined.

  • The name property is the name of the server behavior associated with the data source, dataSource, if one exists. The name property is always defined but can be an empty string ("") if no server behavior is associated with the data source (such as a session variable).



Dreamweaver CS3.


Sets the node to be expanded or collapsed.


data-source-node-name, expanded

  • data-source-node-name is a string indicating the name of the data source to be expanded or collapsed.

  • expanded is a Boolean value indicating whether to expand or collapse the data set node.




 dw.dbi.setExpanded(dsName, true);        //expand the data source node


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