How Design Notes work

Each Design Notes file stores information for a single document. If one or more documents in a folder has an associated Design Notes file, Dreamweaver creates a _notes subfolder where Design Notes files can be stored. The _notes folder and the Design Notes files that it contains are not visible in the Site panel, but they appear in the Finder (Macintosh) orWindows Explorer. A Design Notes filename comprises the main filename plus the .mno extension. For example, the Design Notes file that is associated with avocado8.gif is avocado8.gif.mno.

Design Notes files are XML files that store information in a series of key/value pairs. The key describes the type of information that is being stored, and the value represents the information. Keys are limited to 64 characters.

The following example shows the Design Notes file for foghorn.gif.mno:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?> 
    <infoitem key="FW_source" value="file:///C|sites/dreamcentral/images/sourceFiles/¬ 
        foghorn.png" /> 
    <infoitem key="Author" value="Heidi B." /> 
    <infoitem key="Status" value="Final draft, approved by Jay L." /> 
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