About the source control integration API

The source control integration API lets you write shared libraries. These APIs enable you to extend the Adobe® Dreamweaver® Check In/Check Out feature using source control systems (such as Sourcesafe or CVS).

Your libraries must support a minimum set of API functions for Dreamweaver to integrate with a source control system. And, your libraries must reside in the Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5/Configuration/SourceControl folder.

When Dreamweaver starts, it loads each library. Dreamweaver determines which features the library supports by calling GetProcAddress() for each API function. If an address does not exist, Dreamweaver assumes that the library does not support the API. If the address exists, Dreamweaver uses the library version of the function to support the functionality. When a Dreamweaver user defines or edits a site and then selects the Web Server SCS tab, the choices that correspond to the DLLs appear on the tab. These choices appear in addition to the standard items on the tab. The DLLs are loaded from the Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5/Configuration/SourceControl folder.

To create a Site > Source Control menu to which you can add custom items, add the following code. Add the code in the Site menu in the menus.xml file:

 <menu name="Source Control" id="DWMenu_MainSite_Site_Source¬ 
Control"><menuitem dynamic name="None"file="Menus/MM/¬ 
File_SCSItems.htm" id="DWMenu_MainSite_Site_NewFeatures_¬ 
Default" /> 
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