How source control integration with Dreamweaver works

When a Dreamweaver user selects server connection, file transfer, or Design Notes features, Dreamweaver calls the DLL’s version of the corresponding API function (Connect(), Disconnect(), Get(), Put(), Checkin(), Checkout(), Undocheckout(), and Synchronize()). The DLL handles the request, including displaying dialog boxes that gather information or letting the user interact with the DLL. The DLL also displays information or error messages.

The source control system can optionally support Design Notes and Check In/Check Out. The Dreamweaver user enables Design Notes in source control systems by selecting the Design Notes tab in the Edit Sites dialog box and checking the box that enables the feature; this process is same to enable Design Notes with FTP and LAN. If the source control system does not support Design Notes and the user wants to use this feature, Dreamweaver transports Design Note (MNO) files to maintain the Design Notes (as it does with FTP and LAN).

Check In/Check Out is treated differently than the Design Notes feature; if the source control system supports it, the user cannot override its use from the Design Notes dialog box. If the user tries to override the source control system, an error message appears.


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