Inspect translated attributes

Translated attributes do not require locks, which makes it simple to inspect the tags that contain them.

When a server markup specifies a single attribute that is represented in a Property inspector, Dreamweaver displays it in the Property inspector.

The markup appears irrespective of whether a translator is associated with it. The translator runs whenever the user edits the server markup that appears in the Property inspector.

When server markup controls more than one attribute in a tag, the server markup does not appear in the Property inspector. However, the lightning bolt icon shows that translated markup exists for the selected element.

 The lightning bolt icon does not appear when text or table cells, rows, or columns are selected. Translation continues if the user edits server markup in the panel and a translator exists to handle that type of markup.

The text boxes in the Property inspector are editable; users can enter values for attributes that server markup controls. It results in duplicate attributes. If both a translated value and a regular value are set for a particular attribute, Dreamweaver displays the translated value in the Document window, decides whether your translator searches for duplicate attributes and removes them.


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