Port 21: the default setting

Because most Web servers set aside Port 21 to receive connections from FTP clients, Dreamweaver is also configured to access Port 21 to upload files.

Choosing another port for FTP access

Sometimes, however, server administrators change the port setting of 21 to another port to prevent unauthorized FTP access. In those situations, Dreamweaver can be set to access a different port by adding the port number to the end of the FTP host name, as outlined below:

Configuring Dreamweaver to access an FTP port other than Port 21


Dreamweaver 2, 3 or 4: In the Site or Document window, choose Site > Define Sites.

Dreamweaver 1: In the Site window, click the Remote Site pop-up menu and select Edit Sites. Then go to step 4.

2 Click Edit (or New for a new site).
3 Select the Remote Info (Dreamweaver 4) or Web Server Info (Dreamweaver 3) from the Category list.
4 Add a colon and the port number to the end of the FTP host name in the FTP Host text box. The FTP host name will appear similarly to the following examples:



Additional information

For more information about setting up a remote site, see the Site Management and Collaboration chapter in the manual, Using Dreamweaver. For Dreamweaver 3, see the Site Management chapter.

For more information about FTP issues, consult Setting up Dreamweaver's FTP connection (TechNote 14787).

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