Issue when creating a database connection: HTTP Error Code 404 File Not Found (Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox)


When I try to create a new Dreamweaver database connection, I get an error message saying : HTTP Error Code 404 File Not Found


There are several possible causes for which this can happen:

  1. The testing server is not setup right in the Dreamweaver site definition. Dreamweaver attempts to upload some files on the testing server into the folder you pointed into the site definition and then it tries to call them with an HTTP call using the URL base you provided. If the paths are not configured correctly, you will receive this error.
  2. The web server is not up and running on the testing server machine.
  3. The proxy server as it is configured in thebrowser,is used even for local addresses like localhost, the testing server where you want to connect.
  4. Your browser is set to "Work Offline".


There are several solutions you can attempt:

  1. Go into your site definition from Dreamweaver and recheck all the choosen paths (both folders and URLs).
  2. Check the web server status, you may even restart it to be sure.
  3. You should change your proxy server configurations in thebrowser to bypass local addresses like localhost.


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