The 7.0.1 updater fixes bugs in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Please see the Dreamweaver MX 2004 Release Notes for additional information on the 7.0.1 release and to view an overview of important issues resolved with the Dreamweaver 7.0.1 Update.

Detailed Bug Fix List

The following is a detailed list of issues resolved with this release. Features are listed in alphabetical order.

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  • JAWS sometimes reads incorrect line or word in Code view. (WIN)

ASP.NET: In-Place Editing

  • Unable to edit the content within asp:Panel in Design view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Auto Incrementing ID attributes should start with number "1". (WIN/MAC)
  • "Vertical," the value set for DataList Repeat Direction property, is misspelled. (WIN/MAC)

ASP.NET: Visualization

  • User controls (ASCX) are not rendered on ASPX pages. (WIN/MAC)
  • ASP.NET Textboxes with multi-line attribute not rendering as multi-line. (MAC)
  • ASP.NET usercontrol translator doesn't allow for root paths; only looks for specific order of attributes. (WIN)
  • asp:LinkButton does not render as a link. (WIN)
  • asp:DataList in in-place editing mode rendered incorrectly. (WIN/MAC)
  • Path to images in UserControl not resolving; shows missing image icon. (WIN)
  • asp:panel shows translator code in Design view. (WIN)
  • User controls rendering is not refreshed in real-time, only on File > Open. (MAC)
  • User control that contains dynamic data doesn't show data. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when clicking a few times in Design view on page with ASP.NET objects. (WIN/MAC)
  • Duplicate <%@ Register>&<MM:PageBind> are created if editing data list in Live Data mode. (WIN/MAC)

ASP.NET: Workflow

  • CausesValidation property of the button server controls is missing from the Tag Editor dialogs. (WIN)

Asset Panel

  • Favorite items aren't indented to indicate when in folders. (MAC)
  • Assets panel should list colors used in linked CSS. (WIN/MAC)
  • Assets panel doesn't maintain scroll position on manual refresh. (MAC)


Basic File Operations

  • Specific input tag code is corrupted upon closing and reopening. (MAC)
  • Crash when hitting Enter in empty Result panel (Search and Link Checker tabs). (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash on load when opening specific ColdFusion file. (WIN/MAC)
  • Erratic scrolling of Design view on the Macintosh. (MAC)
  • File > New is too slow; new document takes too long to render once Create button is clicked. (WIN/MAC)
  • File > Revert removes focus from document; Dreamweaver hangs when hitting tab keys. (WIN)
  • File is marked unsaved after saving in Code view and refreshing Design view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash on exit after creating new document using Ctrl+Shift+N if browser target check errors were highlighted in Code view. (WIN)
  • Opening document with certain CSS rules freezes Dreamweaver. (WIN)
  • No warning message on saving when the current encoding cannot correctly save all the characters within the document. (WIN)
  • Files > Save is disabled after editing outside of Design view because document window loses focus. (MAC)
  • Crash on Mac, JavaScript Error on Windows, when saving file with behavior as code-only document and resaving as HTML. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when opening frameset after a CSS file. (MAC)


  • onClick/onMouse type events are omitted from some image behaviors. (WIN/MAC)
  • Behavior code gets broken when using server markup. (WIN/MAC)
  • Set Nav Bar Image behavior doesn't work. (WIN/MAC)
  • Can't re-open Show Pop-up Menu dialog box to edit Pop-up Menu behavior applied to anchor tag. (WIN)

Browser Target Check

  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that title attribute of a tag is not supported by Netscape 6. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check marks <link> tag as invalid for Opera 7. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check gives incorrect report for CSS code without unit of measure. (WIN)
  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that CSS property Display:inline is not supported by IE 5.2 Mac. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that border style values dotted and dashed are not supported in IE Mac 5.2. (WIN)
  • Performance: Browser Check uses much more memory than it should. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that the title attribute of the <acronym> tag is not supported in Internet Explorer 6. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that some attributes are required for <TEXTAREA>, <IMG>, <INPUT> etc. for Netscape Navigator 7. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that <LEGEND> tag is not supported in Opera 7.0. (WIN/MAC)
  • Brower Check incorrectly reports that attribute "for" of label tag is not supported in Opera 7.0. (WIN/MAC)
  • Browser Check incorrectly reports that noshade attribute of HR tag is not supported in Opera 7.0. (WIN/MAC)


ColdFusion Debugger

  • Crashes if trying to edit sites in response to ColdFusion debugger message. (WIN)

Code Editor

  • Selection in code moved to wrong place when syncronizing after undo. (WIN/MAC)
  • Code View redraws poorly if using scroll wheel with a certain file. (WIN)
  • IP in Code View freezes after refreshing if the document is physically saved. (MAC)
  • In Code View, caret doesn't show up as you type fast. (WIN)
  • Code View Options reset to off. (WIN)
  • Crash when clicking in code view for a certain file. (MAC)

Code Hints

  • Missing output attribute in <cfcomponent> code hint. (WIN)
  • Incorrect order of arguments in Code Hints for StructSort(). (WIN)
  • Code Hint for 'ReplaceNoCase' is missing a comma between 'String' and 'Substring1' parameters. (WIN/MAC)
  • Using arrow keys while color picker is up draws strange grid over code. (MAC)
  • Code hint for the ColdFusion function arrayInsertAt is missing the last argument. (WIN/MAC)

Code Inspector

  • In Code Inspector, when accessing Edit menu, either the selection is lost or the tag after IP gets selected. (WIN)

Code Trust

  • CFML code contained inside a layer becomes corrupted when moving that layer with the arrows keys. (WIN/MAC)
  • cfif code is rewritten when opening a document where the cfif code has no space between the tag name and the attribute. (WIN/MAC)
  • Form control names rewritten on drag and drop if name exists twice on page. (WIN/MAC)
  • Data from XML file is lost if XML tag contains at least 2047 characters. (WIN/MAC)
  • CF server tags get rewritten when applying a style using the PI to content inside the CF server tags. (WIN/MAC)
  • Lose line breaks around <td> and <cfif> tags when editing other text on page. (WIN/MAC)
  • Inserting script from Assets panel doesn't add proper "type" attribute and value. (WIN)

ColdFusion Rendering

  • CF page corrupted on open when file includes encrypted file. (WIN/MAC)

ColdFusion Server Model

  • When using the ColdFusion server as a testing/remote server, the http request used to obtain meta data from the server contains the password as plain text. (WIN/MAC)

Color Coding

  • php5 keywords "private,""public,""protected,""abstract,""interface,""final,""const,""static,""instanceof,""try," and"catch" not recognized by color coding. (WIN/MAC)
  • JSP: "session" is not colored as implicit variable. (WIN/MAC)


  • Bottom half of Detailed tab of Clean Up Word HTML dialog is truncated: options missing. (MAC)

CSS Editing

  • Creating a style that has a name end with ":" crashes Dreamweaver. (WIN/MAC)
  • PI incorrectly applies CSS style to cf tags. (WIN/MAC)
  • Content residing in a table inside a <div> tag dissappears when cutting some of the content. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver doesn't allow duplicating locked styles even though there's an editable region in the head section. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when adding open modified CSS file as a Design Time Style Sheet (DTSS). (WIN/MAC)
  • Enter key does not commit to selected style in the Style dropdown of the PI. (WIN/MAC)
  • Previewed style sheet link is added to the code when focus is in <style> in CSS panel. (WIN/MAC)
  • CSS creation dialog doesn't default to panel selection or last-selected option. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when click on style in CSS Styles panel when Style is selected in Head View and doc is open in Split View. (WIN/MAC)
  • Multiple classes on a single tag created in some cases. (WIN/MAC)
  • CSS autocreation not behaving as expected in some cases. (WIN/MAC)
  • Using the CSS PI on certain tag structures can lead to #invalid_attr_id in code. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash after being able to delete locked style sheet and then continuing editing in Manage Styles dialog. (WIN/MAC)
  • Text Indent measure pop-up defaults to points instead of pixels. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when selecting attribute in CSS Properties panel if closing "}" is missing in CSS class. (WIN/MAC)
  • Editing/Creating style in CSS file loses current selection (selects entire code view and jumps to top). (WIN/MAC)
  • External CSS change no longer renders in html page after opening another page using the same external style sheet. (WIN/MAC)
  • Hand coding a CSS @import, forgetting the semicolon (;), and then clicking back into Design view crashes Dreamweaver. (WIN/MAC)
  • DW doesn't pick up changes in Code view after Refresh Style List. (WIN/MAC)
  • Editing CSS values in relevant CSS panel removes dynamic code from list/menu. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver doesn't insert "," between CSS shorthand clip values. (WIN/MAC)
  • CSS Panel columns don't stick to their designated sizes. (MAC)
  • Absolute path does not get converted to siteroot or document relative when document is saved. (WIN/MAC)
  • CSS a {float: right;} causes Dreamweaver to crash. (WIN/MAC)
  • Editing CSS styled text in Contribute that was autocreated with the Dreamweaver PI creates poor code. (WIN)
  • Changing the style of this Contribute-created text leaves empty"style" attribute (<p >foo</p>). (WIN)
  • Cannot right/ctrl click an image to apply a CSS class. (WIN/MAC)

CSS Property Grid

  • Path to background image in an open external CSS file remains absolute after selecting image outside site then saving it in the site. (WIN/MAC)
  • Editing external styles from the CSS property grid is slow. (WIN/MAC)

CSS Rendering

  • Style sheets imported in <style> tag with media attribute are not filtered properly. (WIN/MAC)
  • ColdFusion comments before !Doctype causes Dreamweaver Design view rendering to switch to non-standards compliant mode (Quirks mode). (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when refreshing Design view after changing display property to 'none' for files with tables. (WIN/MAC)

CSS Rule Tracker

  • Crash when editing color in CSS Rule inspector when style is defined in a frameset document. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash on opening Tag Inspector/CSS Rule Tracker when a style is selected in CSS Styles Panel. (WIN/MAC)


Data Access Objects

  • <cfoutput> tags are left behind on page when dynamic data is deleted from Server Behaviors panel. (WIN/MAC)

Data Bindings Panel

  • Data Bindings panel is unnecessarily refreshed when typing inside tables. (WIN)

Database Connectivity

  • Local JDBC connectivity is broken in Dreamweaver. (MAC)

Document Type

  • Dreamweaver doesn't recognize .NET page directive if Page keyword is not explicitly set. (WIN/MAC)

Document Window

  • Document switching with keyboard shortcuts fails with text-only based docs (like .css files, .txt files, etc.) (WIN/MAC)
  • File > Open replaces new blank documents. (WIN/MAC)

Drag and Drop

  • JavaScript errors and crashes due to Dreamweaver frequently running out of resources. (WIN)

Dynamic Text

  • Dreamweaver crashes on creating a link from a datasource after following dynamic data instructions to create a recordset. (MAC)
  • Dynamic formatting only works correctly for dynamic data generated by Dreamweaver server behaviors. (WIN/MAC)



  • The Start page is not taking advantage of the deferred e-license check; startup is still slow. (WIN)
  • Splash screen still indicates old serial number after transfering license and re-activating with another serial number; (cache is not refreshed). (WIN)

Edit Options

  • Dreamweaver performs unnecessary site cache check when pasting text under certain cases. (WIN/MAC)
  • Slow typing performance for documents that contain tables with a large number of rows. (MAC)
  • An absolutely-positioned CSS layer that contains a table can sometimes disappear from Design view when content within the table is cut to the clipboard. (WIN/MAC)
  • Highlighting text within a table and then applying bold causes a "offsetsToNode" JavaScript error. (WIN)
  • Deleting a close comment tag in an include file causes parts of the document to not be rendered in Design View. (WIN/MAC)
  • When using Split view mode, typing in Code view renders delayed results in Design view. (MAC)
  • When resizing table cells, rendering performance is slow. (WIN/MAC)
  • Table columns in Design view never render less than 4 pixels wide. (WIN)
  • Performing a particular edit in Design view causes an<img> not to render in Design view, though still in code; crash on selecting <img> in Code View. (WIN)
  • Backspacing edits involving <p> and <br> tags cause Dreamweaver to throw assertions in certain cases. (WIN)


  • Setting default encoding does not appy to files without a meta tag. (WIN/MAC)
  • Curly apostrophes render as black squares in Design view and Code view for Latin documents. (MAC)


  • The Dreamweaver tree control outputs an incorrect number of selected items. (MAC)
  • The JavaScript Tree Control does not allow the user to select multiple items in a list menu. (MAC)
  • Multiple selections on a MM:TREECONTROL JavaScript control do not work correctly. (WIN)
  • Site information is stored in the wrong location within the registry. (WIN)
  • The menu items for "New Optional Region" and "New Repeating Region" share the same ID name which produces invalid XML. (WIN)
  • Site list dropdown does not refresh correctly when using the API call dw.loadSiteFromPrefs(). (WIN/MAC)

Extensible Menus

  • The API call dw.createDocument() causes a crash when called from within menus.xml. (WIN/MAC)

External Editor

  • External editors defined in the Preferences dialog box do not appear in the "Open with" file context menu. (WIN/MAC)



  • Performing a site-wide find and replace operation for an image tag within an include file causes an infinite loop. (WIN/MAC)
  • In certain files that use server side includes, Dreamweaver crashes when performing a specific tag string replacement across all files in a site. (WIN)
  • The Find and Replace dialog box defaults to search in Design view ("Text") rather than Code view ("Source Code") for XML files. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver performs slowly when searching for text in large XML files such as menus.xml. (WIN)
  • In certain types of UTF-8 documents, "Find" fails to detect cases that it should find. (MAC)
  • Find and Replace dialog box fails to remember that source code was previously searched. (MAC)
  • Find and Replace search method needs enhancement. (WIN/MAC)
  • After doing a "Match Whole Word" search, that option becomes grayed out in the Find dialog box. (WIN/MAC)
  • Searching for the string <input name="Update" type="submit" id="Update" value="Update" /> causes Dreamweaver to crash. (WIN/MAC)
  • When peforming a search in a document and then switching to another document, Dreamweaver does not find the search item in current document. (WIN/MAC)
  • Find/Replace dialog box does not obtain focus on "Command+F" in Code view in certain cases. (MAC)
  • Appending a search string in the Find dialog box by pasting and then executing the search causes Dreamweaver to search for what's in the clipboard instead of the appended string. (WIN)
  • "Find All" results should set focus to the Document window. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash when stripping unballanced <tr> tag using "Find and Replace". (WIN)
  • "Find Selection" missing from Code context menus; find context menu items missing keyboard accelerators. (WIN/MAC)

Flash Elements

  • Dreamweaver crashes when selecting a flashlet in a particular file. (WIN/MAC)

Flash Objects

  • The "Get more styles" button in the Flash Buttons dialog box attempts to load a page that does not exist. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes or suffers performance problems when applying certain fonts to Flash text. (MAC)


  • When using an image form field, rendering glitches appear when clicking the mouse in Design view or using the arrow keys. (MAC)


  • Dreamweaver crashes when editing CSS for a frameset in Code view. (WIN/MAC)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  • Unable to connect to certain types of FTP servers. (WIN)
  • Cannot display folder contents or delete remote folder using the FTP server WAR-FTPD 1.67-05. (WIN/MAC)
  • Unable to delete or overwrite files and folders using Yahoo's FTP servers. (WIN/MAC)
  • While connecting to servers, the message "Server not responding" appears instead of "Waiting for Server..." (WIN/MAC)
  • When connecting to a remote server, the File view is automatically switched from remote to local. (WIN/MAC)
  • The menu item "FTP Log" under the Advanced Site menu is always disabled. (WIN/MAC)
  • Unable to connect to FTP servers (such as Netware) that use a"\\" in directory path. (WIN/MAC)



Head Content

  • Dreamweaver crashes on Mac and produces JavaScript error on Windows when changing the href attribute in a link tag in the<head> of the document. (WIN/MAC)

Headless Fireworks

  • Dreamweaver crashes when copying an image that is relatively positioned inside of a <div> tag. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when editing and image in Dreamweaver after resizing the image in Fireworks. (MAC)
  • Crop does not work after cropping more than once (uncropped image displays in crop size). (WIN/MAC)


  • Pressing the "Help" button in the "Export Template Data as XML" dialog box does not link to the proper help page. (WIN)
  • TrioMotors sample application "insert.sql" file requires UNIX style line breaks for Mac OSX support. (MAC)



  • In XHTML documents, changing the image map attribute "name" to"id" prevents hot spots from rendering in Design view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when making multiple, quick edits to image maps. (WIN/MAC)
  • Deleting a hotspot, selecting Edit > Undo, and again deleting the hotspot causes Dreamweaver to crash. (WIN/MAC)

Import DTD and Schema

  • Dreamweaver produces an http error 405 while attempting to import certain types of XML schemas into the Tag library. (MAC)

Import Office

  • Copying text from Excel into Dreamweaver produces broken CSS references. (WIN/MAC)
  • In certain cases, copying a list from Microsoft Word into Dreamweaver fails to assign a CSS class reference that links to the generated style rule. (WIN)
  • Copying and pasting a "" symbol from Microsoft Word inserts "&#8482" instead of the trademark symbol. (WIN/MAC)
  • When a curly apostrophe is copied from a Word document and pasted in Dreamweaver, the curly apostrophe changes into a straight or vertical apostrophe instead. (WIN/MAC)
  • Bullet item with non-default borders are put in separate list when pasting formatted Office bulleted lists. (WIN)


  • Installer closes Safari without permission/warning. (MAC)
  • Installer is installing files from old HTML-based Start page. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver 7.01 updater is not updating the WebDAV version of Dreamweaver MX 2004. (WIN/MAC)


Java Bean Support

  • Dreamweaver crashes while introspecting a bean class that extends a class included in Java SDK. (MAC)


  • Netscape JavaScript Interpreter change list needs updating. (WIN/MAC)


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Restoring Macromedia standard keyboard set doesn't restore properly (missing 16 accelerators). (WIN/MAC)
  • Snippet keyboard shortcut creation fails if snippets id tag is missing in menus.xml. (WIN/MAC)



  • Dreamweaver crashes on making all layers in a document invisible. (WIN)


  • Double-clicking images with CSS class defined in Library item causes Dreamweaver to crash. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when trying to create a Library item with rollback image. (WIN/MAC)
  • Detaching a Library item deletes the entire Library item if the first line of code in the Library item is a link to a stylesheet. (WIN)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when updating Library items. (WIN)
  • Building Site Map dialog box comes up when opening CSS file from Styles panel if Files panel shows Map view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Links with values from database are updated when moving/copying files in the Files panel; filed name becomes invalid (WIN/MAC)


  • When creating a nested list, adding items to the inner list doesn't work; erroneous items and extra items occur in the outer list. Also, Dreamweaver renders incorrectly in some cases. (WIN/MAC)

Live Data

  • 2-byte characters are garbled in UTF-8 page in Live Data view on ASP.NET server. (WIN/MAC)
  • When a Live Data error is encountered and the More Information button is clicked, Dreamweaver directs to a TechNote in the UltraDev support center. (WIN/MAC)
  • After doing Live Data view in siteless RDS connection, temp files remain on remote server. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when dragging & droping ASP.NET object into form in Live Data view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when a column is selected in a table containing dynamic data while attempting to view Live Data. (WIN/MAC)
  • JavaScript Error occurs when clicking on Live Data view icon; error occurs when switching between two documents where the original document is in Live Data view. (WIN/MAC)

Log-in Server Behavior(s)

  • Username field, Password field, and Password column in Log In User dialog box still show default value even if all fields have been modified (PHP only). (WIN/MAC)


Macintosh Issues

  • Cannot get to Unix directories like /usr from Dreamweaver Open/Save file dialogs. (MAC)
  • When doing local development with mysql and php, specifying http://localhost/~foo/bar for the url prefix of your testing server instead of bar, causes all database functionality to cease. (MAC)

Multiple Users Configuration

  • 7.0.1 updater does not force Dreamweaver to update to newer menus.xml; new functionality will be missing as a result. (WIN/MAC)


New Document Dialog Box

  • Preview does not show if CSS Page Designs are selected. (MAC)



  • File is not marked as saved if modified in Code view and saved without hitting F5 to refresh files beforehand. (WIN/MAC)
  • On machine with Simplified Chinese IME: hitting backspace key causes junk characters in Dreamweaver Code view while inputing Simplified Chinese characters. (WIN)
  • Typing is very slow in files with CSS styles when CSS panel is open. (MAC)
  • Text from web pages are not pasted correctly: apostrophe's not encoded; inappropriate spaces prior to puncuation marks; spaces between numbers and letters, etc. (WIN)
  • Improved error/crash reporting. (WIN/MAC)
  • When clicking back into Dreamweaver from another program, Dreamweaver appears in focus (active) when it actually is not. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when indenting ASP.NET datalist that contains dynamic text. (WIN/MAC)
  • Copyright on splash screen says 2003, not 2004. (WIN/MAC)
  • In Dreamweaver.exe Properties dialog says copyright 2003, not 2004. (WIN/MAC)
  • Copyright 2003 is listed in scrolling text on splash screen, not 2004. (WIN/MAC)



  • Application panel flickers when moving cursor between Application label and the Databases tab; Bindings panel content also disappears. (WIN)
  • Width of window in expanded File panel difficult to adjust. (MAC)
  • When Expand/Collapse button on Files panel is used, Files panel always rejoins with Assets panel, even if Files and Assets panels have been separated. (MAC)
  • Files panel doesn't auto-refresh and resets columns repeatedly after manual refresh. (MAC)
  • After ungrouping and expanding Files panel, other docked panels disappear. (MAC)
  • Expanded Files panel changes middle divider position after expanding/collapsing the panel or quitting and restarting Dreamweaver. (WIN/MAC)
  • Expanding/restoring Files panel loses category name and tab index of the panel group. (MAC)
  • Files panel size changes when collapsing and re-expanding the panel or quitting and relaunching DW. (MAC)
  • After opening and closing a .ASPX page and changing a Text Box, resizing a panel results in a JavaScript error. (WIN)


  • Dreamweaver slow to start. (WIN/MAC)
  • Switching between documents is very slow. (MAC)
  • Applying bold to text is slow. (MAC)
  • Performance of Code view scrolling is not optimal. (MAC)
  • Deleting characters on pages with Server Model defined is too slow. (WIN/MAC)
  • Opening document with tables and lists is very slow. (MAC)
  • Copy/Paste of a table with list items is very slow. (WIN/MAC)
  • Getting files from remote server is very slow. (WIN/MAC)
  • Switching between documents in different sites is slow if Assets panel is open. (MAC)
  • Opening 20 files is very slow. (WIN/MAC)
  • Increased Pagination on pages with Server Model defined results in slow selection in those pages. (WIN/MAC)
  • Opening CSS file is slow. (MAC)
  • Typing over selected text in a very large file is slow. (WIN/MAC)
  • Inserting a table into a table cell is slow on Cold Fusion page. (MAC)
  • Slow performance when expanding a folder in the local view of the Files panel if the folder contains many files. (MAC)
  • Slow performance when cutting the text in a table with a great deal of text. (WIN/MAC)
  • Slow performance when deleting a table column with multiple cells. (WIN/MAC)
  • Slow performance when switching between two files that use a great deal of CSS. (WIN/MAC)
  • Texts are measured too often, causing slow performance. (WIN/MAC)
  • Typing high-ascii characters is slower in Split view than in Design view. (MAC)
  • Slow performance when typing characters and deleting them in Design view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Slow Pagination performance when opening a file in Design view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Slow performance when previewing a temp file with a great deal of CSS and templates in browser. (MAC)
  • Slow performance when performing Find and Replace using tag names via source. (MAC)


  • PHP code is rewritten after pasting the code in a new document, and then saving the document. (WIN/MAC)
  • JavaScript error occurs while copying a recordset and pasting it in a PHP page. (WIN)
  • .php5 extension is not supported by Dreamweaver; Dreamweaver unable to open a PHP5 document. (WIN/MAC)

Preview in Browser

  • Internet Explorer crashes when choosing Print menu after pressing F12 to Preview in Browser. (WIN)
  • Performing Preview in Browser with Safari opens new browser window for each different page if using temp file. (MAC)

Pop-up Menu

  • JavaScript error occurs when adding pop-up menu if there is a HTML comment before the <HEAD> tag. (WIN/MAC)


  • Setting up proportional font to a large size (36, 48, ...) makes some dialog boxes extremely tall. (WIN/MAC)
  • The text "Column:" is missing in the Code Format category in the Preferences dialog box. (WIN)
  • The default browser setting for target browser check should be IE5/NN6. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when closing Preferences, Site Wide Reports, or Configure Server dialog box if right-clicking on OK button. (MAC)

Property Inspectors

  • Class button appears in the ASP objects Property inspector if the Property inspector is reduced or extended. (WIN/MAC)
  • Unable to edit ID attribute of link tag via Link Property inspector. (WIN/MAC)
  • In non-standards compliant mode (Quirks mode), Dreamweaver and browsers display nested table's differently: font size, color, etc. (WIN/MAC)
  • JavaScript error occurs if asp:dropdownlist does not have closing tag; unable to bind dynamic data to asp:dropdownlist. (WIN/MAC)
  • "Class" label in List/Menu and Named Anchor Property inspector is cut-off. (MAC)
  • Clicking in Alt field does not select existing text. (WIN/MAC)
  • ASP.NET Property inspector pop-up menu is case sensitive and unable to make selection if attribute value is using a different case. (WIN/MAC)
  • Property inspector for invalid markup should not have class pop-up menu. (WIN/MAC)
  • Cannot unbold the selection if the selection contains an empty table cell. (WIN/MAC)
  • Class pop-up menu appears occasionally in Frames Property inspector and causes a crash when selecting anything in the pop-up menus. (WIN)
  • CSS changes made via Property inspector get paginated twice. (WIN/MAC)
  • Class pop-up menu in Image map Property inspector does not show current style selection. (WIN/MAC)


Quick Tag Editor

  • Quick Tag Editor code hint comes up slow taking about 5 seconds although Preferences are set for 0 second delay. (WIN/MAC)


RDS Support

  • Menu does not appear after right-clicking on a file in the File panel if the site is a Contribute site using RDS. (WIN)


  • In PHP server model, complex recordset information is lost in simple view. (WIN)
  • Unable to change recordset name using find/replace if Code view is in focus. (MAC)
  • .NET page directive is rewritten when creating dataset if the directive is not default directive. (WIN/MAC)


  • CSS renders incorrectly with table row selected if the<BODY> tag is redefined to have a font other than Times New Roman. (WIN)
  • Dreamweaver does not render the document correctly in Design view if the document contains a single large table. (MAC)



  • Eventual crash after selecting words inside a table cell, mousing over the table columns header until the red lines appears, and then editing. (WIN/MAC)
  • JavaScript error occurs when indented text is selected and mouse is right-clicked to apply outdent. (WIN)

Server Behaviors

  • Dreamweaver stops responding when dynamic list/menu dialog box is launched. (WIN)
  • Space is missing in "User Log In Form" error message. (WIN/MAC)
  • A javascript error is thrown when going from Code view to Design view on a Cold Fusion page. (WIN/MAC)
  • Server Behavior panel scrolls to top when selecting server behavior and mouse pointer or context menu is not next to selected item. (WIN)
  • Copy/paste keyboard shortcuts don't work in application panels. (WIN)
  • The DataSet server behavior corrupts a non-string parameter on re-entry. (WIN/MAC)
  • DataSet server behavior adds spaces to parameter values. (WIN/MAC)
  • Error message for server behavior contains "%s". (WIN/MAC)
  • After using wizard to create an update form, editing a dynamic list/menu corrupts the update form server behavior codes. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dynamic Checkbox server behavior gives JavaScript error when the checkbox has no id attribute. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes after adding recordset to page with wrong server model. (MAC)
  • JavaScript error occurs, then Dreamweaver crashes when Server Behaviors panel and Bindings panel are detached from each other and regrouped again. (MAC)

Server Model Extensibility

  • Turkish ASP pages have incorrect CODEPAGE attribute. (WIN/MAC)

Server Side Includes

  • Server-Side include content is not displayed in browser when previewing a file. (WIN/MAC)

Site Management

  • Dreamweaver crashes when Files panel is expanded or collapsed while Dreamweaver is processing the Select Checked Out Files command. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when collapsing or expanding folders in Files panel using arrow keys. (MAC)
  • "@@@@!!@@@@" appears in Files Panel when clicking Cancel button in the Status dialog box after expanding all folders using Option + Arrow keys. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when Files panel is expanded or collapsed while Dreamweaver is copying files on Remote Site. (MAC)
  • Keyboard accelerators do not work correctly in Site Synchronize preview panel. (WIN)
  • Filenames do not appear in alphabetical order after sorting by Type. (WIN/MAC)
  • Crash after collapsing Files panel when some columns are hidden. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver does not default to Local site when creating new site. (WIN/MAC)
  • Folders don't expand when moving the cursor over a folder with link dragger in a Files panel where Desktop/Computer is selected. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when clicking on folder expander on FTP server after renaming file if filename is editable. (MAC)
  • Can't get files and open folders on some FTP servers. (WIN/MAC)
  • Cannot dismiss "Confirm File Delete" dialog using 'Return' keys. (MAC)
  • Files dropdown shrinks when switching from site to Computer drive. (MAC)
  • Files Panel retrieves directory info twice. (MAC)
  • "Access denied" error continues to display when Dreamweaver can't put MMHTTPDB.asp to server. (WIN)
  • Select Recently Modified command is slow. (MAC)
  • When Notes column in Files panel is set to 'Show', 'Modified Date' is displayed under Type column. (WIN/MAC)
  • Some site columns disappear after switching back and forth from expanded mode. (MAC)
  • Expanded site window will not come into focus on startup when clicking on it - covered by Start page. (MAC)
  • After opening an image file by right-clicking the file and selecting "Open in Fireworks," trying to right-click and select"Open" on an HTML file launches Fireworks. (WIN)
  • Expanded Files panel doesn't refresh file list automatically when adding or deleting file in Finder. (MAC)
  • Initial width of last column in Files Panel is too small. (MAC)
  • Middle splitter doesn't resize accordingly when increasing and decreasing the size of the expanded Files panel. (MAC)
  • Expanded Files does not take focus properly when using F8. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes while creating site cache when root folder contains corrupted .swf file. (WIN)
  • Local Files panel doesn't refresh after checking out file. (WIN)
  • Files panel doesn't scroll when dragging file/folder from local to remote site or vice versa. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver doesn't update links in external CSS file when moving CSS file to another folder. (WIN/MAC)
  • Remote site files are sorted in wrong order (Windows sorting style). (MAC)
  • + icon appears when dragging file from Local to white area in Remote panel. (WIN/MAC)
  • Files panel needs to be refreshed in order to see all files after Synchronize. (WIN/MAC)
  • Files panel doesn't auto refresh after copying & pasting a file when the site root folder is on the Desktop. (WIN/MAC)
  • Scrolling with mouse wheel doesn't work properly in expanded Files panel. (MAC)
  • Confirm File/Folder Move on Server requires preference. (WIN/MAC)
  • Can't rename new folder after creating 2nd new folder in 2nd level subfolder. (MAC)
  • Modified column in Files panel is empty if Checked Out column is set to "Hide". (WIN)
  • Dreamweaver crasheds when dragging and dropping folder in Files panel when all subfolders are collapsed and last item in site root is a folder. (MAC)
  • Files panel shows "@@@@!!@@@@" after moving folders in Files panel. (MAC)
  • Cannot cancel out of a site synchronize or reshesh on some FTP servers. (WIN/MAC)

Site Map

  • Switching between Sites splits collapsed Files panel. (WIN)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when clicking on + button in Site Map aftercreating link to existing file. (WIN/MAC)

Site Setup Wizard

  • Dreamweaver crashes on closing Site Setup Wizard with small right thumb button of Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. (WIN)
  • Manage sites dialog box becomes disabled when you click on New and then click somewhere else in the dialog box. (WIN)

Site-wide Reports

  • Dreamweaver crashes when double-clicking on Result in Results panel after closing document and editing new document. (WIN/MAC)
  • Jumping to Line loses track after editing document. (WIN/MAC)
  • Recently Modified dialog is out of date. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes on typing when the focus is on dropdown in Site report: Recently Modified dialog box. (WIN)
  • Find Untitled Documents reports Library files as Untitled documents. (WIN)
  • Stop button in Results panel can't stop the process when running Sitewide Reports. (WIN)

Siteless File Editing

  • Removing RDS connection to localhost in Edit Sites dialog deletes files. (WIN)
  • Dreamweaver crashes on accessing dropdown menu in Save to Remote Server dialog box. (WIN/MAC)
  • "Putting dependent files" status message comes up every time when saving file to RDS server. (WIN/MAC)
  • Cannot delete/rename files after renaming folder on RDS server. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver doesn't save file to server. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver can't open file after importing Siteless connection. (WIN/MAC)


  • Keyboard shortcut for Code Snippet doesn't work after the snippet is renamed. (WIN)
  • Once original snippet folder is renamed, the folder cannot be changed back to its original name. (WIN/MAC)
  • DW crashes when a newly-created snippet/folder is in rename mode and clicking on the "Name" header. (MAC)

Spell Checker

  • "Programme" should be in the British-English spelling dictionary. (WIN)
  • Macromedia spelling dictionary doesn't work. (WIN)
  • Spell checker doesn't work in UTF-8 files. (WIN/MAC)



  • Dreamweaver crashes on switching from Code view to Design view when table column is selected. (MAC)
  • Intermittent crash while trying to resize table after switching between Code view and Design view. (WIN)
  • Can't tab to the next cell when insertion point is next to a nested table (blockquote is added instead). (WIN/MAC)
  • After inserting table, table header bar stays visible longer than it is supposed to. (WIN/MAC)
  • Can't Ctrl/Option +click to avoid table insert dialog. (WIN/MAC)
  • Performance issue when dragging and dropping movie object from the Files panel. (WIN)
  • Error in TableCommands.js, "TBL_HDR has no properties" when hitting Enter in Insert Table dialog box before dialog has loaded. (WIN)
  • Insertion point and selection feedback is wrong for multiple tables, possible crash. (WIN/MAC)
  • Scrolling and deferred edits can be slow in nested tables. (MAC)

Tag Chooser

  • Tag Chooser Inserts wrong code for ASP.NET control. (WIN/MAC)

Tag Editor (Tags Dialogs)

  • Tag Editor/Form objects dialog shows empty. (WIN/MAC)
  • ASP.NET checkboxes grayed out until checked. (WIN/MAC)

Tag Inspector

  • Dreamweaver crashes when trying to collapse/expand Tag inspector panel group. (MAC)
  • Tag panel minimum size is too large. (WIN)
  • CSS Properties Grid appears inactive when new rule is created. (WIN/MAC)

Tag Library Editor

  • Code hints still showing attribute after deleting tag attribute in tag inspector. (MAC)

Tag Selector

  • Setting CLASS or ID from context menu doesn't update Tag selector. (WIN)
  • Tag selector doesn't work in Code view without showing Design view first. (WIN/MAC)
  • Unable to assign CLASS and ID in Code view using the Tag Selector. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes intermittently when editing using Tag Selector in Code view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when using Key Pad in Tag inspector with Num Lock off. (WIN)


  • Dreamweaver crashes on deleting locked imported style or style sheet via CSS Styles panel when Code view is in focus. (WIN/MAC)
  • Can't create repeating or optional region around a list item with an editable region. (WIN/MAC)
  • Error on Template updates with large sites. (MAC)
  • Locked by template warning shows when updating Template instance with unsynchronized changes. (WIN/MAC)
  • Nested Template icon indistinguishable from Make Template icon. (WIN/MAC)
  • Special character deleted from include tag when creating new document from Template. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when trying to edit locked styles with Relevant CSS. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when typing Escape in Update Pages dialog box when text in dialog box is selected. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes on drag & drop of file or folder from Files panel to locked region in Code view. (WIN/MAC)
  • Not all pages get updated when saving a Template & updating on prompt. (WIN)
  • Dreamweaver crashes or returns error message when creating editable region after selecting a form with the Tag Selector. (WIN/MAC)

Third Party Extensions

  • Submenus appear grayed out. (MAC)


  • Dreamweaver crashes when changing order of animated layers multiple times in Layers panel. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes when changing animated layer tag using context menu. (WIN/MAC)


  • Code/Split/Design buttons are truncated. (MAC)



  • Dreamweaver crashes when pasting styled text using keyboard shortcut with Tag Inspector collapsed. (MAC)

User Interface

  • Pasting into text field inputs formatted text instead of plain text. (MAC)
  • Dreamweaver is slow to quit. (WIN/MAC)
  • File > New command is slow to display New Document Dialog. (MAC)
  • Deleting entire table cell contents causes rendering lag. (WIN/MAC)
  • Asset panel does not show correct icons for locked items. (MAC)
  • Maximizing document window does not respect Apple's Dock. (MAC)
  • Expanded Files panel will come to front when Document is selected using Macintosh Expos. (MAC)
  • Maximizing a document will expand behind panels if a panel is larger than default. (MAC)


  • Characters without glyphs in any font don't render. (WIN)
  • Can only add/remove byte order mark on first save. (WIN/MAC)



  • Validation won't start properly using Results panel on Macintosh. (MAC)
  • Validating against XHTML Transitional shows errors regarding HTML3.2. (WIN/MAC)



  • Error when connecting using WebDAV; must refresh to see remote files. (WIN/MAC)
  • Dreamweaver crashes or gives error message when switching from Testing view to Remote view in WebDAV site. (WIN/MAC)


  • Toolbar rendered too far right on startup. (WIN)
  • New document placed behind Property inspector when Property inspector is at top of screen. (MAC)
  • Maximizing document does not respect Panels on Macintosh. (MAC)
  • Application switch to Dreamweaver using mouse changes insertion point. (MAC)
  • New document displayed on wrong monitor with dual monitor setup. (MAC)
  • New documents get smaller when tiling instead of wrapping around. (MAC)
  • CMD+W closes Site panel. (MAC)
  • Maximizing Document window does not overlap expanded Files panel. (MAC)



  • Element incorrectly added to image links in XHTML Strict documents. (WIN/MAC)


  • Not all errors shown when validating unterminated XML declaration. (MAC)



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