On converting a catalog from an older version to Elements Organizer 13, the face recognition feature no longer marks or identifies known faces in photographs.


While there are solutions to fixing this temporary error, one of the reasons that causes this to happen is a change in operating system (OS) architecture type. For example, porting a catalog that was on a 32-bit OS to a computer running a 64-bit OS potentially causes face recognition issues.


Perform these steps to help Elements Organizer start identifying known faces again:

  • Run the face recognition feature by clicking Add People from the Action Panel. When the feature runs, all face-recognition data is re-extracted, applied, and associated with existing tags.
  • If running the feature as described above does not work, perform these steps:
    1. In Elements Organizer, click Help > System Info, and note the location of the catalog (Catalog Location).
    2. Close Elements Organizer.
    3. Use Windows Explorer (Finder on Mac) and browse to the folder location you noted in Step 1.
    4. Browse to the subfolder BreezeData.
    5. Rename the file breezesession.dat to breezesession.dat.old.
    6. Start Elements Organizer, and click Add People to run the face recognition feature again.

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