1. Federation Participant Information

1.1 Introduction

The InCommon Participant Operational Practices information below is for the Adobe SSO application, operated by Adobe, Inc. The information is current as of December 30, 2015.

1.2 Identity Management and/or Privacy information

Information about Adobe's identity management practices and policies regarding personal information can be found online at http://www.adobe.com/privacy/policy.html.

1.3 Contact information

Adobe Support can answer questions about the Participant’s identity management system or resource access management policy or practice.

Contact Adobe Support.

2. Identity Provider Information

N/A – Adobe is a Service Provider.

3. Service Provider Information

3.1 What attribute information about an individual do you require in order to manage access to resources you make available to other Participants?

Adobe requires the user’s FirstName, LastName, and Email.

3.2 What use do you make of attribute information that you receive in addition to basic access control decisions?

Adobe uses the required attributes to build the Adobe user profile that is displayed in applications.

3.3 What human and technical controls are in place on access to and use of attribute information that might refer to only one specific person (i.e., personally identifiable information)?

Adobe’s identity management system runs on the Amazon Web Services Platform, participating in all of the access control and security that Amazon provides.

3.4 Describe the human and technical controls that are in place on the management of super-user and other privileged accounts that might have the authority to grant access to personally identifiable information?

Adobe’s policies and controls regarding security management, and access to and security of personally identifiable information can be found in Adobe’s privacy policy:http://www.adobe.com/privacy/policy.html and on Adobe’s Security site:http://www.adobe.com/security.html.

4. Other Information

4.1 Technical Standards, Versions and Interoperability

Adobe uses Okta as a Service Provider, so all IDP connections go through Okta before reaching Adobe. Okta is SAML 2.0 compliant.

4.2 Other Considerations

No other considerations are required at this time.

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